(OCG - Korean)
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Card number Category
FET-KR001 Space Mambo 스페이스맘보 Common 36119641 Normal Monster
FET-KR002 Divine Dragon Ragnarok 신용라그나로크 Common 62113340 Normal Monster
FET-KR003 Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter 격투쥐츄스케 Common 08508055 Normal Monster
FET-KR004 Insect Knight 갑충장갑기사 Common 35052053 Normal Monster
FET-KR005 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys 네프티스의봉황신 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 61441708 Effect Monster
FET-KR006 Hand of Nephthys 네프티스의인도하는손 Common 98446407 Effect Monster
FET-KR007 Ultimate Insect LV5 얼티미트인섹트LV5 Rare/Ultimate Rare 34830502 Effect Monster
FET-KR008 Silent Swordsman LV5 사일런트스워드맨LV5 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 74388798 Effect Monster
FET-KR009 Granmarg the Rock Monarch 땅의제왕그란마그 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 60229110 Effect Monster
FET-KR010 Element Valkyrie 엘리멘트발키리 Common 97623219 Effect Monster
FET-KR011 Element Doom 엘리멘트데블 Common 23118924 Effect Monster
FET-KR012 Maji-Gire Panda 초절정분노팬더 Common 60102563 Effect Monster
FET-KR013 Catnipped Kitty 개다래나무고양이 Common 96501677 Effect Monster
FET-KR014 Behemoth the King of All Animals 백수왕베히모스 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 22996376 Effect Monster
FET-KR015 Big-Tusked Mammoth 빅혼맘모스 Rare/Ultimate Rare 59380081 Effect Monster
FET-KR016 Kangaroo Champ 캥거루챔프 Common 95789089 Effect Monster
FET-KR017 Hyena 하이에나 Common 22873798 Effect Monster
FET-KR018 Blade Rabbit 블레이드래빗 Common 58268433 Effect Monster
FET-KR019 Mecha-Dog Marron 기계견마론 Common 94667532 Effect Monster
FET-KR020 Blast Magician 블러드매지션-연옥의마술사- Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 21051146 Effect Monster
FET-KR021 Chiron the Mage 현자케이론 Rare/Ultimate Rare 16956455 Effect Monster
FET-KR022 Gearfried the Swordmaster 검성-네이킷기어프리드 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 57046845 Effect Monster
FET-KR023 Armed Samurai - Ben Kei 중무장무사-벤케이 Common 84430950 Effect Monster
FET-KR024 Shadowslayer 어둠의주인셰도우킬러 Rare/Ultimate Rare 20939559 Effect Monster
FET-KR025 Golem Sentry 파수병골렘 Common 52323207 Effect Monster
FET-KR026 Abare Ushioni 난폭한도깨비소 Common 89718302 Effect Monster
FET-KR027 The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion 융합주술봉인생물-빛 Common 15717011 Effect Monster
FET-KR028 The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion 융합주술봉인생물-어둠 Common 52101615 Effect Monster
FET-KR029 The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion 융합주술봉인생물-땅 Common 88696724 Effect Monster
FET-KR030 Whirlwind Prodigy 폭풍소승 Common 15090429 Effect Monster
FET-KR031 Flame Ruler 화염을지배하는자 Common 41089128 Effect Monster
FET-KR032 Firebird 화염조 Common 87473172 Effect Monster
FET-KR033 Rescue Cat 레스큐캣 Common 14878871 Effect Monster
FET-KR034 Brain Jacker 브레인잭커 Rare/Ultimate Rare 40267580 Effect Monster
FET-KR035 Gatling Dragon 개틀링드래곤 Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 87751584 Fusion Monster
FET-KR036 King Dragun 용마인킹드라군 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 13756293 Fusion Monster
FET-KR037 A Feather of the Phoenix 봉황신의깃털 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 49140998 Normal Spell Card
FET-KR038 Poison Fangs 포이즌팽 Common 76539047 Continuous Spell Card
FET-KR039 Spell Absorption 마법흡수 Rare/Ultimate Rare 51481927 Continuous Spell Card
FET-KR040 Lightning Vortex 라이트닝보텍스 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 69162969 Normal Spell Card
FET-KR041 Meteor of Destruction 데스메테오 Rare/Ultimate Rare 33767325 Normal Spell Card
FET-KR042 Swords of Concealing Light 어둠의봉인검 Rare/Ultimate Rare 12923641 Continuous Spell Card
FET-KR043 Spiral Spear Strike 나선창살 Rare/Ultimate Rare 49328340 Continuous Spell Card
FET-KR044 Release Restraint 구속해제 Common 75417459 Normal Spell Card
FET-KR045 Centrifugal Field 원심분리필드 Common 01801154 Field Spell Card
FET-KR046 Fulfillment of the Contract 계약이행 Common 48206762 Equip Spell Card
FET-KR047 Re-Fusion 재융합 Common 74694807 Equip Spell Card
FET-KR048 The Big March of Animals 백수대행진 Common 01689516 Quick-Play Spell Card
FET-KR049 Cross Counter 크로스카운터 Rare/Ultimate Rare 37083210 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR050 Pole Position 풀포지션 Common 73578229 Continuous Trap Card
FET-KR051 Penalty Game! 페널티게임! Rare/Ultimate Rare 00967928 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR052 Threatening Roar 위협하는포효 Common 36361633 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR053 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 봉황날개의폭풍 Rare/Ultimate Rare 63356631 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR054 Good Goblin Housekeeping 고블린의운영실력 Common 09744376 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR055 Beast Soul Swap 캐틀뮤틸레이션 Common 35149085 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR056 Assault on GHQ 본진강습 Rare/Ultimate Rare 62633180 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR057 D.D. Dynamite DD다이너마이트 Common 08628798 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR058 Deck Devastation Virus 마의덱파괴바이러스 Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 35027493 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR059 Elemental Burst 엘리멘틀버스트 Common 61411502 Normal Trap Card
FET-KR060 Forced Ceasefire 강인한안전협정 Rare/Ultimate Rare 97806240 Normal Trap Card

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