Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck
Imperador das Trevas Deck Estrutural
Set number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category
SR01-PTTKN Token Ficha Common Token Monster
SR01-PT000 Ehther the Heavenly Monarch Ehther, o Monarca Celestial Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SR01-PT001 Erebus the Underworld Monarch Erebus, o Monarca do Submundo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SR01-PT002 Eidos the Underworld Squire Eidos, o Escudeiro do Submundo Super Rare Effect Monster
SR01-PT003 Edea the Heavenly Squire Edea, o Escudeiro Celestial Super Rare Effect Monster
SR01-PT004 Caius the Shadow Monarch Caius, o Monarca das Sombras Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT005 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Zaborg o Trovão Monarca Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT006 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Grandmarg, o Monarca da Rocha Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT007 Mobius the Frost Monarch Mebius, o Monarca Frio como o Gelo Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT008 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Thestalos, o Monarca da Tempestade de Fogo Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT009 Raiza the Storm Monarch Raiza, a Monarca da Tempestade Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT010 Lucius the Shadow Vassal Lucius, o Vassalo das Sombras Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT011 Mithra the Thunder Vassal Mithra, o Vassalo do Trovão Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT012 Landrobe the Rock Vassal Landrobe, o Vassalo da Rocha Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT013 Escher the Frost Vassal Escher, o Vassalo Glacial Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT014 Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal Berlineth, o Vassalo da Tempestade de Fogo Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT015 Garum the Storm Vassal Garum, o Vassalo da Tempestade Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT016 Illusory Snatcher Furtador Ilusório Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT017 Tragoedia Tradoedia Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT018 Dandylion Dente-de-leão Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT019 Mathematician Matemático Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT020 Level Eater Devorador de Níveis Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT021 Battle Fader Desvanecer da Batalha Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT022 Rainbow Kuriboh Kuriboh Arco-Íris Common Effect Monster
SR01-PT023 Pantheism of the Monarchs Panteísmo dos Monarcas Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SR01-PT024 Domain of the True Monarchs Domínio dos Verdadeiros Monarcas Common Field Spell Card
SR01-PT025 March of the Monarchs Marcha dos Monarcas Common Continuous Spell Card
SR01-PT026 Return of the Monarchs Retorno dos Monarcas Common Continuous Spell Card
SR01-PT027 The Monarchs Stormforth O Monarca Avança Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-PT028 Strike of the Monarchs Ataque dos Monarcas Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-PT029 Tenacity of the Monarchs Tenacidade dos Monarcas Common Normal Spell Card
SR01-PT030 Soul Exchange Troca de Almas Common Normal Spell Card
SR01-PT031 Enemy Controller Controlador de Inimigos Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-PT032 Dicephoon Furadadão Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SR01-PT033 Soul Charge Carregar Alma Common Normal Spell Card
SR01-PT034 The Prime Monarch O Monarca Primordial Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-PT035 The First Monarch O Primeiro Monarca Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-PT036 Escalation of the Monarchs Escalada dos Monarcas Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-PT037 The Monarchs Awaken O Despertar dos Monarcas Common Normal Trap Card
SR01-PT038 The Monarchs Erupt A Erupção dos Monarcas Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-PT039 By Order of the Emperor Por Ordem do Imperador Common Continuous Trap Card
SR01-PT040 Pinpoint Guard Guarda Localizador Common Normal Trap Card

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