Duelist Set: Version Dark Returner
듀얼리스트 세트 (Ver.다크리터너)
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
DS13-KRD01 Evilswarm Kerykeion 벨즈 케르키온 Super Rare Effect Monster
DS13-KRD02 Evilswarm Heliotrope 벨즈 헤리오로프 Common Normal Monster
DS13-KRD03 Evilswarm Zahak 벨즈 자하크 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD04 Evilswarm Ketos 벨즈 카이토스 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD05 Evilswarm O'lantern 벨즈 오란타 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD06 Evilswarm Mandragora 벨즈 만드라고 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD07 Evilswarm Hraesvelg 벨즈 프레이스 Common Flip monster
DS13-KRD08 Evilswarm Castor 벨즈 카스토르 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD09 Evilswarm Obliviwisp 벨즈 오위스프 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD10 Evilswarm Azzathoth 벨즈 아자트호스 Common Flip monster
DS13-KRD11 Evilswarm Thunderbird 벨즈 썬더버드 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD12 Evilswarm Salamandra 벨즈 사라만도라 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD13 Evilswarm Golem 벨즈 골렘 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD14 Evilswarm Coppelia 벨즈 코페리얼 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD15 Steelswarm Cell 인벨즈의 마세포 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD16 Steelswarm Scout 인벨즈의 척후 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD17 Steelswarm Moth 인벨즈 모스 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD18 Steelswarm Girastag 인벨즈 기라파 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD19 Steelswarm Sting 인벨즈의 첨예 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD20 Dark Armed Dragon 다크 암드 드래곤 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD21 Summoner Monk 소환승 서몬 프리스트 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD22 Sangan 크리터 Common Effect Monster
DS13-KRD23 Infestation Pandemic 침략의 범발감염 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DS13-KRD24 Creeping Darkness 잠입하는 어둠 Common Normal Spell Card
DS13-KRD25 Allure of Darkness 어둠의 유혹 Common Normal Spell Card
DS13-KRD26 Recurring Nightmare 악몽 재발 Common Normal Spell Card
DS13-KRD27 The Shallow Grave 얕은 무덤 Common Normal Spell Card
DS13-KRD28 Chain Summoning 소환 체인 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DS13-KRD29 Book of Moon 달의 서 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DS13-KRD30 Dark Hole 블랙홀 Common Normal Spell Card
DS13-KRD31 Infestation Infection 침략의 침식감염 Common Continuous Trap Card
DS13-KRD32 Infestation Terminus 침략의 침식붕괴 Common Normal Trap Card
DS13-KRD33 Fiendish Chain 데먼즈 체인 Common Continuous Trap Card
DS13-KRD34 Dark Illusion 어둠의환영 Common Counter Trap Card
DS13-KRD35 Darklight 어둠의 섬광 Common Normal Trap Card
DS13-KRD36 Escape from the Dark Dimension 암흑차원의 해방 Common Continuous Trap Card
DS13-KRD37 Return from the Different Dimension 이차원으로부터의 귀환 Common Normal Trap Card
DS13-KRD38 Summon Limit 서몬리미터 Common Continuous Trap Card
DS13-KRD39 Light-Imprisoning Mirror 섬광을흡수하는마법거울 Common Continuous Trap Card
DS13-KRD40 Call of the Haunted 리 빙 데드가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Trap Card
DS13-KRD41 Evilswarm Ophion 벨즈 오피온 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DS13-KRD42 Evilswarm Ouroboros 벨즈 우로보로스 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster

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