Duelist Revolution
La Rivoluzione del Duellante
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
DREV-IT000 Scrap Archfiend Arcidemone Frammento Super Rare Synchro Monster
DREV-IT001 Earthquake Giant Gigante Terremoto Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT002 Effect Veiler Dissimulatore di Effetto Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT003 Dash Warrior Guerriero Sfrecciante Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT004 Damage Eater Mangia Danno Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT005 A/D Changer Convertitore A/D Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT006 Stronghold Guardian Guardiano della Roccaforte Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT007 Playful Possum Opossum Giocoso Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT008 Egotistical Ape Scimmia Egotistica Rare Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT009 Uni-Horned Familiar Famiglio Mono-Cornuto Common Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT010 Monoceros Monoceros Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT011 D.D. Unicorn Knight D.D. Cavliere Unicorno Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT012 Unibird Uniuccello Super Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT013 Bicorn Re'em Re'em Bicorno Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT014 Mine Mole Talpa Miniera Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT015 Trident Warrior Guerriero Tridente Super Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT016 Delta Flyer Aviatore Delta Rare Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT017 Rhinotaurus Rinotauro Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT018 Hypnocorn Ipnocorno Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT019 Scrap Chimera Chimera Frammento Super Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT020 Scrap Goblin Goblin Frammento Common Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT021 Scrap Beast Bestia Frammento Rare Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT022 Scrap Hunter Cacciatore Frammento Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT023 Scrap Golem Golem Frammento Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT024 Wattbetta Wattpescecombattente Common Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT025 Wattlemur Wattlemure Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT026 Wattpheasant Wattfagiano Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT027 Naturia Mosquito Naturia Zanzara Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT028 Naturia Beans Naturia Fagiolo Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT029 Naturia Bamboo Shoot Bambù Naturia Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
DREV-IT030 Amazoness Sage Saggio Amazoness Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT031 Amazoness Trainee Apprendista Amazoness Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT032 Amazoness Queen Regina Amazoness Super Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT033 Lock Cat Gatto Lucchetto Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT034 Elephun Elephun Common Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT035 Synchro Fusionist Synchro Fusionista Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT036 Ambitious Gofer Tirapiedi Ambizioso Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT037 Final Psychic Ogre Ogre Psichico Finale Short Print Effect Monster
DREV-IT038 Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste Cavaliere Drago Draco-Equiste Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
DREV-IT039 Ultimate Axon Kicker Calciatore Axon Finale Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DREV-IT040 Thunder Unicorn Unicorno del Tuono Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DREV-IT041 Voltic Bicorn Bicorno Voltaico Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DREV-IT042 Lightning Tricorn Tricorno del Fulmine Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DREV-IT043 Scrap Dragon Drago Frammento Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DREV-IT044 Wattchimera Wattchimera Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DREV-IT045 Blind Spot Strike Colpo Punto Cieco Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DREV-IT046 Double Cyclone Doppio Ciclone Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DREV-IT047 Scrapyard Deposito di Frammenti Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT048 Scrapstorm Tempesta di Frammenti Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DREV-IT049 Scrap Sheen Lucentezza dei Frammenti Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DREV-IT050 Wattcine Wattcine Common Continuous Spell Card
DREV-IT051 Naturia Forest Naturia Foresta Common Field Spell Card
DREV-IT052 Landoise's Luminous Moss Muschio Luminoso di Landoise Rare Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT053 Amazoness Village Villaggio Amazoness Rare Field Spell Card
DREV-IT054 Amazoness Fighting Spirit Spirito Combattente Amazoness Common Continuous Spell Card
DREV-IT055 Unicorn Beacon Richiamo dell'Unicorno Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT056 Beast Rage Rabbia della Bestia Common Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT057 Miracle Synchro Fusion Synchro Fusione Miracolo Common Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT058 Pestilence Pestilenza Common Equip Spell Card
DREV-IT059 Cursed Armaments Armamenti Maledetti Short Print Equip Spell Card
DREV-IT060 Wiseman's Chalice Calice del Saggio Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT061 Summoning Curse Maledizione dell'Evocazione Short Print Continuous Spell Card
DREV-IT062 Pot of Duality Giara della Dualità Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT063 Desperate Tag Placcaggio Disperato Common Continuous Trap Card
DREV-IT064 Battle Instinct Istinto di Battaglia Common Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT065 Howl of the Wild Ululato Selvaggio Common Continuous Trap Card
DREV-IT066 Parallel Selection Selezione Parallela Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT067 Reanimation Wave Onda Rianimatrice Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT068 Barrier Wave Onda Barriera Common Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT069 Chain Whirlwind Mulinello a Catena Common Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT070 Scrap Rage Rabbia del Frammento Common Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT071 Wattcannon Wattcannone Common Continuous Trap Card
DREV-IT072 Amazoness Willpower Forza di Volontà Amazoness Rare Continuous Trap Card
DREV-IT073 Queen's Pawn Pedina della Regina Common Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT074 Beast Rising Rivolta della Bestia Common Continuous Trap Card
DREV-IT075 Horn of the Phantom Beast Corno della Bestia Fantasma Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT076 Paradox Fusion Fusione Paradosso Super Rare Counter Trap Card
DREV-IT077 Solemn Warning Avvertimento Solenne Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Counter Trap Card
DREV-IT078 Anti-Magic Prism Prisma Anti-Magia Common Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT079 Chivalry Cavalleria Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Counter Trap Card
DREV-IT080 Light of Destruction Luce della Distruzione Short Print Continuous Trap Card
DREV-IT081 Amazoness Scouts Scout Amazoness Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT082 Naturia Pineapple Naturia Ananas Secret Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT083 D.D. Destroyer D.D. Distruttore Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT084 Dark Desertapir Desertapir Oscuro Rare Effect Monster
DREV-IT085 Psychic Nightmare Incubo Psichico Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DREV-IT086 Guts of Steel Budella d'Acciaio Rare Normal Spell Card
DREV-IT087 Amazoness Heirloom Eredità Amazoness Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DREV-IT088 Amazoness Shamanism Sciamanesimo Amazoness Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT089 Super Rush Recklessly Super Corsa Avventata Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT090 Mystical Refpanel Refpanel Mistico Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT091 Fabled Raven Il Favoloso Corvo Secret Rare Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT092 Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator Ciclone Creatore Alleato della Giustizia Secret Rare Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT093 Miracle's Wake Risveglio del Miracolo Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
DREV-IT094 Flamvell Poun Poun Flamvell Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT095 Flamvell Archer Arciere Flamvell Common Effect Tuner monster
DREV-IT096 Flamvell Fiend Demone Flamvell Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT097 Genex Worker Genex Operaio Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT098 Genex Power Planner Genex Programmatore di Potere Common Effect Monster
DREV-IT099 Stygian Street Patrol Pattuglia Stradale Stygian Secret Rare Effect Monster

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