Duelist Pack: Yuma
듀얼리스트 팩 —유마 편—
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
DP12-KR001 Zubaba Knight 주바바 나이트 Rare Effect Monster
DP12-KR002 Ganbara Knight 간바라 나이트 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR003 Gagaga Magician 가가가 매지션 Rare Effect Monster
DP12-KR004 Gogogo Golem 고고고 골렘 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR005 Achacha Archer 아차차 아처 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR006 Goblindbergh 고블린드버그 Rare Effect Monster
DP12-KR007 Stinging Swordsman 바늘 검사 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR008 Kagetokage 그림자 도마뱀 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR009 Acorno 도토리도령 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR010 Pinecono 솔방울도령 Common Effect Monster
DP12-KR011 Dododo Warrior 도도도 워리어 Super Rare Effect Monster
DP12-KR012 Number 39: Utopia No.39 유토피아 Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP12-KR013 Baby Tiragon 베이비 트래곤 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP12-KR014 Number 83: Galaxy Queen No.83 갤럭시 퀸 Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP12-KR015 Number 61: Volcasaurus No.61 볼카사우루스 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP12-KR016 Number 19: Freezadon No.19 프리자돈 Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DP12-KR017 Blustering Winds 전대미문의 바람 Rare Normal Spell Card
DP12-KR018 Wonder Wand 원더 원드 Common Equip Spell Card
DP12-KR019 Double or Nothing! 더블 업 찬스 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DP12-KR020 Thunder Short 썬더 쇼트 Common Normal Spell Card
DP12-KR021 Ego Boost 허영거영 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DP12-KR022 Monster Slots 몬스터 슬롯 Common Normal Spell Card
DP12-KR023 Gagagaback 가가가 백 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DP12-KR024 Asleep at the Switch 방심은 금물 Common Normal Trap Card
DP12-KR025 Heartfelt Appeal 통한의 호소 Rare Normal Trap Card
DP12-KR026 Fiery Fervor 타오르는 투지 Common Normal Trap Card
DP12-KR027 Damage Diet 데미지 다이어트 Common Normal Trap Card
DP12-KR028 Copy Knight 카피 나이트 Common Continuous Trap Card
DP12-KR029 Mirror Mail 성스러운 갑옷 -거울의 메일- Common Normal Trap Card
DP12-KR030 Gagagashield 가가가 실드 Super Rare Normal Trap Card

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