Duelist Pack: Yugi
Worldwide English
Card numberNameRarityCategory
DPYG-EN001"Dark Magician"RareNormal Monster
DPYG-EN002"Summoned Skull"Super RareNormal Monster
DPYG-EN003"Queen's Knight"CommonNormal Monster
DPYG-EN004"Jack's Knight"CommonNormal Monster
DPYG-EN005"Kuriboh"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN006"Catapult Turtle"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN007"Buster Blader"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN008"Dark Magician Girl"Super RareEffect Monster
DPYG-EN009"Big Shield Gardna"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN010"Sorcerer of Dark Magic"Super RareEffect Monster
DPYG-EN011"King's Knight"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN012"Green Gadget"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN013"Red Gadget"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN014"Yellow Gadget"CommonEffect Monster
DPYG-EN015"Marshmallon"RareEffect Monster
DPYG-EN016"Dark Paladin"Ultra RareEffect Fusion Monster
DPYG-EN017"Black Luster Soldier"RareRitual Monster
DPYG-EN018"Swords of Revealing Light"CommonNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN019"Monster Reborn"RareNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN020"Polymerization"Super RareNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN021"Exchange"RareNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN022"Black Luster Ritual"CommonRitual Spell Card
DPYG-EN023"Diffusion Wave-Motion"CommonNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN024"Brain Control"CommonNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN025"Card of Sanctity"RareNormal Spell Card
DPYG-EN026"Spellbinding Circle"CommonContinuous Trap Card
DPYG-EN027"Mirror Force"Ultra RareNormal Trap Card
DPYG-EN028"Magical Hats"RareNormal Trap Card
DPYG-EN029"Lightforce Sword"CommonNormal Trap Card
DPYG-EN030"Stronghold the Moving Fortress"CommonContinuous Trap Card

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