Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
DL18-SP001 Catapult Turtle Tortuga Catapulta Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP002 Penguin Soldier Soldado Pingüino Rare Flip monster
DL18-SP003 Dark Magician Girl Chica Maga Oscura Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP004 Ancient Gear Golem Golem de Mecanismo Antiguo Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP005 Dandylion Diente de León Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP006 Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World Grapha, Señor Dragón del Mundo Oscuro Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP007 Geargiano Mk-II Engranajiano Mk-II Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP008 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon Hermandad del Puño de Fuego - Dragón Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP009 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake Hermandad del Puño de Fuego - Serpiente Rare Effect Monster
DL18-SP010 Gladiator Beast Essedarii Bestia Gladiador Essedarii Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DL18-SP011 Gold Sarcophagus Cofre de Oro Sellado Rare Normal Spell Card
DL18-SP012 The World Tree El Árbol del Mundo Rare Continuous Spell Card
DL18-SP013 Photon Booster Aumentador Fotónico Rare Normal Spell Card
DL18-SP014 Fire Formation - Tenki Formación de Fuego - Tenki Rare Continuous Spell Card
DL18-SP015 DNA Surgery Cirugía de ADN Rare Continuous Trap Card
DL18-SP016 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrencial Rare Normal Trap Card
DL18-SP017 Cyber Summon Blaster Cíber Disparador de Invocación Rare Continuous Trap Card
DL18-SP018 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow Espantapájaros de Chatarra Rare Normal Trap Card
DL18-SP019 Solemn Warning Advertencia Solemne Rare Counter Trap Card
DL18-SP020 Fire Formation - Tensen Formación de Fuego - Tensen Rare Continuous Trap Card

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