Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
DL17-SP001 Lord of D. Señor de D. Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP002 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 Horus el Dragón de la Llama Negra LV8 Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP003 Silent Swordsman LV7 Espadachín Silencioso LV7 Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP004 Super-Ancient Dinobeast Dinobestia Super Antigua Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP005 Mezuki Mezuki Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP006 Hyper Synchron Hiper Sincrón Rare Effect Tuner monster
DL17-SP007 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn Alanegra - Sirocco el Amanecer Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP008 Quickdraw Synchron Sincrón de Desenfunde Veloz Rare Effect Tuner monster
DL17-SP009 Delg the Dark Monarch Delg el Monarca Oscuro Rare Effect Monster
DL17-SP010 Cyber End Dragon Ciber Dragón Final Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DL17-SP011 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth Caballero Gaia, la Fuerza de la Tierra Rare Synchro Monster
DL17-SP012 Gagagigo the Risen Gagagigo el Elevado Rare Xyz Monster
DL17-SP013 The Flute of Summoning Dragon La Flauta de Convoca-Dragones Rare Normal Spell Card
DL17-SP014 Book of Life Libro de la Vida Rare Normal Spell Card
DL17-SP015 Call of the Mummy Llamada de la Momia Rare Continuous Spell Card
DL17-SP016 Fairy of the Spring Hada del Verano Rare Normal Spell Card
DL17-SP017 Double Summon Invocación Doble Rare Normal Spell Card
DL17-SP018 Summon Limit Límite a la Invocación Rare Continuous Trap Card
DL17-SP019 Delta Crow - Anti Reverse Cuervo Delta - Anti Reversión Rare Normal Trap Card
DL17-SP020 Starlight Road Camino de Luz de Estrellas Rare Normal Trap Card

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