Duelist League 16 participation cards
Serie Duelist League 16
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
DL16-IT001 Sabersaurus Sciabolasaurus Rare Normal Monster
DL16-IT002 Vampire Baby Bambino Vampiro Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT003 Vampire's Curse Maledizione del Vampiro Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT004 Kuraz the Light Monarch Kuraz il Monarca della Luce Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT005 Rose, Warrior of Revenge Rosa, Guerriero della Vendetta Rare Effect Tuner monster
DL16-IT006 Endymion, the Master Magician Endymion, il Mago Maestro Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT007 Kasha Kasha Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT008 Victoria Victoria Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT009 Geargiano Ingranaggiano Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT010 The Supremacy Sun Il Sole della Supremazia Rare Effect Monster
DL16-IT011 Doomkaiser Dragon Drago Destino Imperatore Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DL16-IT012 Thunder End Dragon Drago Tuono Finale Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DL16-IT013 Limiter Removal Rimozione di Limite Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DL16-IT014 Machine Assembly Line Line di Montaggio delle Macchine Rare Continuous Spell Card
DL16-IT015 Beast Soul Swap Scambio di Anima della Bestia Rare Normal Trap Card
DL16-IT016 Generation Shift Cambio Generazionale Rare Normal Trap Card
DL16-IT017 Supercharge Super Carica Rare Normal Trap Card
DL16-IT018 Giant Trap Hole Buco Trappola Gigante Rare Normal Trap Card
DL16-IT019 Stygian Dirge Lamento dello Stige Rare Continuous Trap Card
DL16-IT020 Darkfall Caduta Oscura Rare Normal Trap Card

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