Duelist League 14 participation cards
Serie Duelist League 14
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
DL14-IT001 Kabazauls Kabazauls Rare Normal Monster
DL14-IT002 Command Knight Cavaliere Comandante Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT003 Armed Samurai - Ben Kei Ben Kei - Samurai Armato Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT004 Doom Dozer Doom Dozer Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT005 Tuningware Attrezzo Sintonizzatore Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT006 Defender, the Magical Knight Difensore, il Cavaliere Magico Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT007 Shiny Black "C" Nero Brillante "C" Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT008 Raiza the Storm Monarch Raiza il Monarca della Tempesta Rare Effect Monster
DL14-IT009 Arcanite Magician Mago di Arcanite Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DL14-IT010 Number 39: Utopia Numero 39: Utopia Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DL14-IT011 Fuhma Shuriken Shuriken Fuhma Rare Equip Spell Card
DL14-IT012 Precious Cards from Beyond Carte Preziose dall'Aldilà Rare Continuous Spell Card
DL14-IT013 Secret Village of the Spellcasters Villaggio Segreto degli Incantatori Rare Field Spell Card
DL14-IT014 Arcane Barrier Barriera Arcana Rare Continuous Spell Card
DL14-IT015 Nobleman of Crossout Nobiluomo dello Scambio Rare Normal Spell Card
DL14-IT016 Mask Change Cambio di Maschera Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DL14-IT017 Glorious Illusion Illusione Gloriosa Rare Continuous Trap Card
DL14-IT018 Fish Depth Charge Carica del Pesce Abissale Rare Normal Trap Card
DL14-IT019 Light-Imprisoning Mirror Specchio Imprigiona-Luce Rare Continuous Trap Card
DL14-IT020 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror Specchio Imprigiona-Ombra Rare Continuous Trap Card

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