Duelist Alliance
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
DUEA-EN000 Dragon Horn Hunter Super Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
DUEA-EN001 Flash Knight Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
DUEA-EN002 Foucault's Cannon Super Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
DUEA-EN003 Metaphys Armed Dragon Common Normal Monster
DUEA-EN004 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
DUEA-EN005 Performapal Skeeter Skimmer Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN006 Performapal Whip Snake Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN007 Performapal Sword Fish Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN008 Performapal Hip Hippo Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN009 Performapal Kaleidoscorp Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DUEA-EN010 Performapal Turn Toad Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DUEA-EN011 Superheavy Samurai Blue Brawler Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN012 Superheavy Samurai Swordsman Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN013 Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN014 Aria the Melodious Diva Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN015 Sonata the Melodious Diva Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN016 Mozarta the Melodious Maestra Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN017 Battleguard King Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN018 Satellarknight Deneb Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN019 Satellarknight Altair Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN020 Satellarknight Vega Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN021 Satellarknight Alsahm Super Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN022 Satellarknight Unukalhai Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN023 Shaddoll Falco Rare Flip Tuner monster
DUEA-EN024 Shaddoll Hedgehog Common Flip monster
DUEA-EN025 Shaddoll Squamata Common Flip monster
DUEA-EN026 Shaddoll Dragon Rare Flip monster
DUEA-EN027 Shaddoll Beast Rare Flip monster
DUEA-EN028 Suanni, Fire of the Yang Zing Super Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN029 Bi'an, Earth of the Yang Zing Super Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN030 Bixi, Water of the Yang Zing Super Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN031 Pulao, Wind of the Yang Zing Super Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN032 Chiwen, Light of the Yang Zing Ultra Rare Effect Tuner monster
DUEA-EN033 Artifact Chakram Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN034 Artifact Lancea Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN035 Nefarious Archfiend Eater of Nefariousness Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN036 The Agent of Entropy - Uranus Common Effect Tuner monster
DUEA-EN037 Djinn Demolisher of Rituals Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN038 Batteryman 9-Volt Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN039 Resonance Insect Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN040 Breaker the Dark Magical Warrior Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN041 Raiza the Mega Monarch Secret Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN042 Dogu Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN043 Hypnosister Super Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN044 Re-Cover Common Effect Tuner monster
DUEA-EN045 Deskbot 001 Common Effect Tuner monster
DUEA-EN046 Spy-C-Spy Short Print Effect Monster
DUEA-EN047 Wightprince Short Print Effect Monster
DUEA-EN048 El Shaddoll Winda Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DUEA-EN049 El Shaddoll Construct Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
DUEA-EN050 Saffira, Queen of Dragons Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
DUEA-EN051 Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DUEA-EN052 Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DUEA-EN053 Stellarknight Delteros Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
DUEA-EN054 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DUEA-EN055 Hippo Carnival Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DUEA-EN056 Feast of the Wild LV5 Common Normal Spell Card
DUEA-EN057 Stellarknight Alpha Common Equip Spell Card
DUEA-EN058 Satellarknight Skybridge Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DUEA-EN059 Shaddoll Fusion Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DUEA-EN060 Curse of the Shadow Prison Common Field Spell Card
DUEA-EN061 Yang Zing Path Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
DUEA-EN062 Yang Zing Prana Common Continuous Spell Card
DUEA-EN063 Hymn of Light Common Ritual Spell Card
DUEA-EN064 Dracocension Common Continuous Spell Card
DUEA-EN065 Magical Spring Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DUEA-EN066 The Monarchs Stormforth Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DUEA-EN067 Pop-Up Short Print Quick-Play Spell Card
DUEA-EN068 Battleguard Rage Common Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN069 Battleguard Howling Common Normal Trap Card
DUEA-EN070 Stellarnova Wave Common Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN071 Stellarnova Alpha Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
DUEA-EN072 Sinister Shadow Games Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DUEA-EN073 Shaddoll Core Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN074 Yang Zing Creation Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN075 Yang Zing Unleashed Common Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN076 Chain Dispel Common Normal Trap Card
DUEA-EN077 Face-Off Rare Counter Trap Card
DUEA-EN078 Pendulum Back Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DUEA-EN079 Time-Space Trap Hole Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
DUEA-EN080 That Six Short Print Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN081 Doomstar Magician Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN082 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN083 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN084 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN085 Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DUEA-EN086 The Traveler and the Burning Abyss Super Rare Normal Trap Card
DUEA-EN087 U.A. Mighty Slugger Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN088 U.A. Perfect Ace Rare Effect Monster
DUEA-EN089 U.A. Stadium Common Field Spell Card
DUEA-EN090 Gaia, the Polar Knight Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN091 Gaia, the Mid-Knight Sun Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN092 Chaos Seed Common Normal Spell Card
DUEA-EN093 Exchange of Night and Day Common Continuous Trap Card
DUEA-EN094 Number 58: Burner Visor Common Effect Xyz Monster
DUEA-EN095 Felis, Lightsworn Archer Ultra Rare Effect Tuner monster
DUEA-EN096 Fishborg Doctor Common Effect Monster
DUEA-EN097 Panzer Dragon Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DUEA-EN098 Cloudcastle Common Effect Synchro Monster
DUEA-EN099 Pilgrim Reaper Common Effect Xyz Monster

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