Set number English name Rarity Category
DOCS-EN000 Samurai Cavalry of Reptier Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN001 Performapal Secondonkey Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN002 Performapal Splashmammoth Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN003 Performapal Helpprincess Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN004 Superheavy Samurai Thief Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN005 Superheavy Samurai Transporter Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN006 Superheavy Samurai Drum Common Effect Tuner monster
DOCS-EN007 Superheavy Samurai Soulhorns Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN008 Superheavy Samurai Soulclaw Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN009 Fluffal Wings Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN010 D/D Berfomet Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN011 D/D Swirl Slime Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN012 D/D Necro Slime Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN013 Raidraptor - Wild Vulture Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN014 Raidraptor - Skull Eagle Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN015 Performage Mirror Conductor Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN016 Performage Plushfire Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN017 The Legendary Fisherman III Super Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN018 Assault Blackwing - Kunai the Drizzle Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN019 Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN020 Sphere Kuriboh Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN021 Super Soldier Soul Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN022 Beginning Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN023 Evening Twilight Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN024 Vector Pendulum, the Dracoverlord Super Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN025 Majespecter Cat - Nekomata Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN026 Majespecter Raccoon - Bunbuku Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN027 Majespecter Crow - Yata Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN028 Majespecter Fox - Kyubi Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN029 Majespecter Unicorn - Kirin Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN030 Igknight Cavalier Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN031 Igknight Veteran Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN032 Graydle Slime Rare Effect Tuner monster
DOCS-EN033 Graydle Alligator Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN034 Graydle Cobra Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN035 Graydle Eagle Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN036 Skilled Red Magician Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN037 Giant Pairfish Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN038 Toon Barrel Dragon Rare Toon monster
DOCS-EN039 Deskbot 006 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN040 Pot of The Forbidden Short Print Flip monster
DOCS-EN041 Dr. Frankenderp Short Print Effect Monster
DOCS-EN042 Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldier Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Ritual Monster
DOCS-EN043 Frightfur Sabre-Tooth Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DOCS-EN044 D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
DOCS-EN045 Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
DOCS-EN046 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DOCS-EN047 Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
DOCS-EN048 Graydle Dragon Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
DOCS-EN049 Deskbot Jet Common Effect Synchro Monster
DOCS-EN050 D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DOCS-EN051 Raidraptor - Fiend Eagle Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DOCS-EN052 Majester Paladin, the Ascending Dracoslayer Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
DOCS-EN053 Shuffle Reborn Common Normal Spell Card
DOCS-EN054 Rank-Up-Magic Raid Force Rare Normal Spell Card
DOCS-EN055 Raptor's Ultimate Mace Common Equip Spell Card
DOCS-EN056 Super Soldier Ritual Rare Ritual Spell Card
DOCS-EN057 Gateway to Chaos Super Rare Field Spell Card
DOCS-EN058 Majesty's Pegasus Super Rare Field Spell Card
DOCS-EN059 Majespecter Storm Common Normal Spell Card
DOCS-EN060 Majespecter Cyclone Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DOCS-EN061 Igknight Reload Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
DOCS-EN062 Graydle Impact Common Continuous Spell Card
DOCS-EN063 Odd-Eyes Fusion Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
DOCS-EN064 Psychic Blade Common Equip Spell Card
DOCS-EN065 Painful Decision Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
DOCS-EN066 Super Rush Headlong Short Print Quick-Play Spell Card
DOCS-EN067 Frightfur March Common Counter Trap Card
DOCS-EN068 D/D/D Contract Change Common Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN069 Dark Contract with Errors Common Continuous Trap Card
DOCS-EN070 Super Soldier Rebirth Common Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN071 Super Soldier Shield Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
DOCS-EN072 Majespecter Tornado Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN073 Majespecter Tempest Common Counter Trap Card
DOCS-EN074 Graydle Parasite Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
DOCS-EN075 Graydle Split Common Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN076 Blazing Mirror Force Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN077 Pendulum Area Rare Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN078 Urgent Ritual Art Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN079 Grand Horn of Heaven Common Counter Trap Card
DOCS-EN080 First-Aid Squad Short Print Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN081 Painful Escape Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN082 Kozmo Strawman Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN083 Kozmoll Wickedwitch Common Effect Monster
DOCS-EN084 Kozmo DOG Fighter Super Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN085 Kozmo Dark Destroyer Secret Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN086 Kozmo Lightsword Common Equip Spell Card
DOCS-EN087 Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN088 Gameciel, the Sea Turtle Kaiju Rare Effect Monster
DOCS-EN089 Kaiju Capture Mission Common Continuous Trap Card
DOCS-EN090 D/D/D Wave King Caesar Rare Effect Xyz Monster
DOCS-EN091 D/D Savant Galilei Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN092 D/D Savant Kepler Common Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN093 Dark Contract with the Gate Common Continuous Spell Card
DOCS-EN094 Dark Contract with the Swamp King Common Continuous Spell Card
DOCS-EN095 Dark Contract with the Witch Common Continuous Trap Card
DOCS-EN096 Contract Laundering Common Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN097 D/D/D Human Resources Common Normal Trap Card
DOCS-EN098 D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
DOCS-EN099 D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok Rare Effect Pendulum Monster

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