Demo Deck 2016
Demo Deck 2016
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
DEM3-IT001 Mystical Elf Elfo Mistico Common Normal Monster
DEM3-IT002 Dragon Horn Hunter Cacciatore di Corna di Drago Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DEM3-IT003 Flash Knight Cavaliere Lampo Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DEM3-IT004 Foucault's Cannon Cannone di Foucault Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DEM3-IT005 Lancephorhynchus Lanciaforinco Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DEM3-IT006 Dragoons of Draconia Dragoni di Draconia Common Normal Pendulum Monster
DEM3-IT007 Old Vindictive Magician Anziano Mago Vendicativo Common Flip monster
DEM3-IT008 Aether, the Empowering Dragon Aether, il Drago Potenziatore Common Effect Monster
DEM3-IT009 Blue Dragon Summoner Evocatore Drago Blu Common Effect Monster
DEM3-IT010 Battleguard King Re Battagliasorvegliante Common Effect Monster
DEM3-IT011 Doomstar Magician Mago Destinostella Common Effect Monster
DEM3-IT012 Dark Hole Buco Nero Common Normal Spell Card
DEM3-IT013 Riryoku Riryoku Common Normal Spell Card
DEM3-IT014 Nightmare's Steelcage Gabbia d'Acciaio dell'Incubo Common Normal Spell Card
DEM3-IT015 Wonder Wand Bacchetta Miracolosa Common Equip Spell Card
DEM3-IT016 Bashing Shield Scudo Perforante Common Equip Spell Card
DEM3-IT017 Mirror Force Forza Riflessa Common Normal Trap Card
DEM3-IT018 Reckless Greed Cupidigia Insaziabile Common Normal Trap Card
DEM3-IT019 Defense Draw Pescata Difensiva Common Normal Trap Card
DEM3-IT020 Inspiration Ispirazione Common Normal Trap Card

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