Dark Crisis
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
DCR-EN000 Vampire Lord Secret Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN001 Battle Footballer Common Normal Monster
DCR-EN002 Nin-Ken Dog Common Normal Monster
DCR-EN003 Acrobat Monkey Common Normal Monster
DCR-EN004 Arsenal Summoner Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN005 Guardian Elma Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN006 Guardian Ceal Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN007 Guardian Grarl Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN008 Guardian Baou Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN009 Guardian Kay'est Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN010 Guardian Tryce Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN011 Cyber Raider Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN012 Reflect Bounder Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN013 Little-Winguard Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN014 Des Feral Imp Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN015 Different Dimension Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN016 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
DCR-EN017 Dark Flare Knight Super Rare Fusion Monster
DCR-EN018 Mirage Knight Super Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN019 Berserk Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN020 Exodia Necross Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN021 Gyaku-Gire Panda Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN022 Blindly Loyal Goblin Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN023 Despair from the Dark Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN024 Maju Garzett Short Print Effect Monster
DCR-EN025 Fear from the Dark Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN026 Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN027 D.D. Warrior Lady Super Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN028 Thousand Needles Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN029 Shinato's Ark Common Ritual Spell Card
DCR-EN030 A Deal with Dark Ruler Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DCR-EN031 Contract with Exodia Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN032 Butterfly Dagger - Elma Super Rare Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN033 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN034 Gravity Axe - Grarl Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN035 Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou Rare Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN036 Rod of Silence - Kay'est Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN037 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN038 Precious Cards from Beyond Common Continuous Spell Card
DCR-EN039 Rod of the Mind's Eye Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN040 Fairy of the Spring Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN041 Token Thanksgiving Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN042 Morale Boost Common Continuous Spell Card
DCR-EN043 Non-Spellcasting Area Common Continuous Spell Card
DCR-EN044 Different Dimension Gate Rare Continuous Spell Card
DCR-EN045 Final Attack Orders Common Continuous Trap Card
DCR-EN046 Staunch Defender Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN047 Ojama Trio Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN048 Arsenal Robber Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN049 Skill Drain Rare Continuous Trap Card
DCR-EN050 Really Eternal Rest Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN051 Kaiser Glider Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN052 Interdimensional Matter Transporter Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN053 Cost Down Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN054 Gagagigo Common Normal Monster
DCR-EN055 D.D. Trainer Common Normal Monster
DCR-EN056 Ojama Green Common Normal Monster
DCR-EN057 Archfiend Soldier Rare Normal Monster
DCR-EN058 Pandemonium Watchbear Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN059 Sasuke Samurai #2 Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN060 Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN061 Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN062 Outstanding Dog Marron Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN063 Great Maju Garzett Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN064 Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN065 Goblin of Greed Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN066 Mefist the Infernal General Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN067 Vilepawn Archfiend Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN068 Shadowknight Archfiend Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN069 Darkbishop Archfiend Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN070 Desrook Archfiend Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN071 Infernalqueen Archfiend Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN072 Terrorking Archfiend Super Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN073 Skull Archfiend of Lightning Ultra Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN074 Metallizing Parasite - Lunatite Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN075 Tsukuyomi Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN076 Mudora Super Rare Effect Monster
DCR-EN077 Keldo Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN078 Kelbek Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN079 Zolga Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN080 Agido Common Effect Monster
DCR-EN081 Legendary Flame Lord Rare Ritual Monster
DCR-EN082 Dark Master - Zorc Super Rare Ritual Monster
DCR-EN083 Spell Reproduction Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN084 Dragged Down into the Grave Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN085 Incandescent Ordeal Common Ritual Spell Card
DCR-EN086 Contract with the Abyss Rare Ritual Spell Card
DCR-EN087 Contract with the Dark Master Common Ritual Spell Card
DCR-EN088 Falling Down Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN089 Checkmate Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN090 Cestus of Dagla Common Equip Spell Card
DCR-EN091 Final Countdown Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN092 Archfiend's Oath Common Continuous Spell Card
DCR-EN093 Mustering of the Dark Scorpions Common Normal Spell Card
DCR-EN094 Pandemonium Common Field Spell Card
DCR-EN095 Altar for Tribute Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN096 Frozen Soul Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN097 Battle-Scarred Common Continuous Trap Card
DCR-EN098 Dark Scorpion Combination Rare Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN099 Archfiend's Roar Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN100 Dice Re-Roll Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN101 Spell Vanishing Super Rare Counter Trap Card
DCR-EN102 Sakuretsu Armor Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN103 Ray of Hope Common Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN104 Blast Held by a Tribute Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
DCR-EN105 Judgment of Anubis Secret Rare Counter Trap Card

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