Cosmo Blazer
Le Feu du Cosmos
Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
CBLZ-FR000"Noble Arms - Caliburn""Armes Nobles - Caliburn"Super RareEquip Spell Card
CBLZ-FR001"Dododo Bot""Bot Dododo"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR002"Gogogo Ghost""Fantôme Gogogo"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR003"Bacon Saver""Sauveur Bacon"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR004"Amarylease""Amarylease"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR005"ZW - Lightning Blade""ZW - Lame Foudroyante"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR006"ZW - Tornado Bringer""ZW - Porteur de Tornade"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR007"ZW - Ultimate Shield""ZW - Bouclier Ultime"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR008"Gagaga Clerk""Greffière Gagaga"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR009"Spear Shark""Lance Requin"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR010"Double Shark""Double Requin"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR011"Xyz Remora""Rémora Xyz"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR012"Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon""Requin Mégalodon Hyper Ancien"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR013"Heraldic Beast Basilisk""Basilic, Bête Héraldique"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR014"Heraldic Beast Eale""Eale, Bête Héraldique"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR015"Heraldic Beast Twin-Headed Eagle""Aigle à Deux Têtes, Bête Héraldique"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR016"Heraldic Beast Unicorn""Unicorne, Bête Héraldique"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR017"Heraldic Beast Leo""Léo, Bête Héraldique"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR018"Garbage Ogre""Ogre Immondices"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR019"Garbage Lord""Seigneur Immondices"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR020"Orbital 7""Orbital 7"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR021"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Hawk""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Faucon"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR022"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Corbeau"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR023"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Gorille"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR024"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Ours"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CBLZ-FR025"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR026"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Serpent"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR027"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Swallow""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Hirondelle"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR028"Hazy Flame Cerbereus"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR029"Hazy Flame Griffin"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR030"Hazy Flame Sphynx""Sphynx Flamme Chimérique"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR031"Hazy Flame Peryton"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR032"Mermail Abyssdine"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR033"Mermail Abyssnose""Sirènemure Abyssnose"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR034"Mermail Abyssleed""Sirènemure Abyssleed"Secret RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR035"Fool of Prophecy""Mat de la Prophétie"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR036"Reaper of Prophecy""Faucheur de la Prophétie"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR037"Brushfire Knight""Chevalier Feu de Forêt"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR038"Inari Fire""Inari Feu"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR039"Valkyrian Knight""Chevalier Valkyrie"Super RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR040"Pyrorex the Elemental Lord""Pyrorex le Seigneur Élémentaire"Secret RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR041"Pyrotech Mech - Shiryu""Shiryu - Méca Pyrotech"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR042"Leotaur""Léotaure"CommonEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR043"Star Drawing""Dessinatrice d'Étoile"Short PrintEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR044"Red Duston"Short PrintEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR045"Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon""Numéro 92 : Dragon Heart-eartH"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR046"Number 53: Heart-eartH""Numéro 53 : Heart-eartH"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR047"ZW - Leo Arms""ZW - Armes de Léo"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR048"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Roi Tigre"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR049"Hazy Flame Basiltrice""Basilicockatrice Flamme Chimerique"RareEffect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR050"Mermail Abysstrite""Sirènemure Abysstrite"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR051"Diamond Dire Wolf""Loup Sinistre Diamant"Secret RareEffect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR052"Lightning Chidori""Chidori Éclair"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR053"Slacker Magician""Magicienne Fainéante"RareEffect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR054"Zerozerock""Zérozérock"CommonContinuous Spell Card
CBLZ-FR055"Gagagadraw""Gagagapioche"Super RareNormal Spell Card
CBLZ-FR056"Xyz Double Back""Double Retour Xyz"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
CBLZ-FR057"Heraldry Reborn""Résurrection Héraldique"RareNormal Spell Card
CBLZ-FR058"Fire Formation - Tensu""Formation Feu - Tensu"CommonContinuous Spell Card
CBLZ-FR059"Fire Formation - Tenki""Formation Feu - Tenki"CommonContinuous Spell Card
CBLZ-FR060"Hazy Pillar"CommonContinuous Spell Card
CBLZ-FR061"Abyss-scale of Cetus""Écaille-Abysses de Cetus"CommonEquip Spell Card
CBLZ-FR062"Spellbook of the Master""Livre de Magie du Maître"Secret RareNormal Spell Card
CBLZ-FR063"The Big Cattle Drive""Le Grand Rassemblement du Troupeau"CommonNormal Spell Card
CBLZ-FR064"March of the Monarchs""Assaut des Monarques"CommonContinuous Spell Card
CBLZ-FR065"Quick Booster"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Quick-Play Spell Card
CBLZ-FR066"After the Storm""Après la Tempête"CommonNormal Spell Card
CBLZ-FR067"Goblin Circus""Cirque Gobelin"Short PrintContinuous Spell Card
CBLZ-FR068"Dimension Gate""Portail Dimensionnel"CommonContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR069"Xyz Dimension Splash""Splash Dimensionnel Xyz"CommonNormal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR070"Heraldry Change"CommonNormal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR071"Fire Formation - Tensen""Formation Feu - Tensen"CommonContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR072"Fire Formation - Tenken""Formation Feu - Tenken"CommonContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR073"Ultimate Fire Formation - Seito"RareNormal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR074"Hazy Glory"CommonContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR075"Abyss-scorn""Mépris-Abysses"CommonNormal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR076"Spikeshield with Chain""Bouclier à Pics avec Chaîne"CommonNormal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR077"Xyz Tribalrivals""Rivaltribal Xyz"CommonContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR078"Breakthrough Skill""Compétence de Percée"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR079"Jurrac Impact""Impact Préhistorique"CommonNormal Trap Card
CBLZ-FR080"Dice-nied""Dé-nie"Short PrintContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR081"Noble Knight Medraut""Medraut le Chevalier Noble"Secret RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR082"Hazy Flame Mantikor""Mantikor Flamme Chimérique"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR083"Mermail Abyssteus""Sirènemure Abyssteus"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CBLZ-FR084"Bonfire Colossus""Colosse Grand Feu"Secret RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR085"Mystical Fairy Elfuria""Fée Mystique Elfuria"Secret RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR086"Artorigus, King of the Noble Knights""Artorigus le Roi Chevalier Noble"Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR087"Infernal Flame Vixen""Renarde de la Flamme Infernale"RareEffect Xyz Monster
CBLZ-FR088"Spell Wall""Mur de Magie"CommonNormal Spell Card
CBLZ-FR089"Kickfire""Retour à l'Envoyeur"Secret RareContinuous Trap Card
CBLZ-FR090"Crimson Sunbird""Oiseau du Soleil Cramoisi"CommonFusion Monster
CBLZ-FR091"Ignition Beast Volcannon""Volcanon la Bête d'Ignition"CommonEffect Fusion Monster
CBLZ-FR092"Noble Knight Joan""Jeanne le Chevalier Noble"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR093"Crimson Blader""Épéiste Cramoisi"RareEffect Synchro Monster
CBLZ-FR094"Infernity Archer""Archer Enfernité"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR095"Blackwing - Gladius the Midnight Sun""Aile Noire - Gladius du Soleil de Minuit"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR096"Blackwing - Damascus the Polar Night""Aile Noire - Damascus de la Nuit Polaire"RareEffect Monster
CBLZ-FR097"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Horse Prince""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Prince des Chevaux"Super RareEffect Synchro Monster
CBLZ-FR098"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Spirit""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Esprit"RareEffect Tuner monster
CBLZ-FR099"Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Lion Emperor""Confrérie du Poing de Feu - Empereur Lion"Super RareEffect Xyz Monster

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