Cosmo Blazer
우주의 섬광
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
CBLZ-KR001 Dododo Bot 도도도 보트 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR002 Gogogo Ghost 고고고 고스트 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR003 Bacon Saver 타스켈톤 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR004 Amarylease 아마릴리스 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR005 ZW - Lightning Blade ZW제알 웨폰-라이트닝 블레이드 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR006 ZW - Tornado Bringer ZW제알 웨폰-토네이도 브링거 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR007 ZW - Ultimate Shield ZW제알 웨폰-얼티미트 실드 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR008 Gagaga Clerk 가가가 클라크 Super Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR009 Spear Shark 스피어 샤크 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR010 Double Shark 투헤드 샤크 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR011 Xyz Remora 엑시즈 리모라 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR012 Hyper-Ancient Shark Megalodon 고대 샤크 하이퍼 메가로돈 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR013 Heraldic Beast Basilisk 문장수 바실리스크 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR014 Heraldic Beast Eale 문장수 에아레 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR015 Heraldic Beast Twin-Headed Eagle 문장수 두 머리의 이글 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR016 Heraldic Beast Unicorn 문장수 유니콘 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR017 Heraldic Beast Leo 문장수 레오 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR018 Garbage Ogre 가비지 오우거 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR019 Garbage Lord 가비지 로드 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR020 Orbital 7 오비탈 7 Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR021 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Hawk 영염성-호크에이 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR022 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven 첩염성-세이븐 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR023 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla 용염성-엔쇼우 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR024 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear 암염성-유우시 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR025 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon 미염성-류우시신 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR026 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Snake 웅염성-스네이린 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR027 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Swallow 위염성-히엔샤크 Super Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR028 Hazy Flame Cerbereus 헤이즈비스트 사베라스 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR029 Hazy Flame Griffin 헤이즈비스트 그리프스 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR030 Hazy Flame Sphynx 헤이즈비스트 스핀크스 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR031 Hazy Flame Peryton 헤이즈비스트 페리톤 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR032 Mermail Abyssdine 머메일-어비스디네 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR033 Mermail Abyssnose 머메일-어비스노즈 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR034 Mermail Abyssleed 머메일-리드어비스 Super Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR035 Fool of Prophecy 마도화사 매트 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR036 Reaper of Prophecy 마도명사 라모르 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR037 Brushfire Knight 홍염의 기사 Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR038 Inari Fire 이나리불 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR039 Valkyrian Knight 벌키리 나이트 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR040 Pyrorex the Elemental Lord 염령신 파이로렉스 Super Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR041 Pyrotech Mech - Shiryu 프레임 기어-자룡 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR042 Leotaur 레온타우로스 Common Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR043 Star Drawing 아스텔 드론 Normal Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR044 Red Duston 레드 더스튼 Normal Rare Effect Monster
CBLZ-KR045 Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon No.92 위해신룡 Heart-eartH Dragon Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR046 Number 53: Heart-eartH No.53 위해신 Heart-eartH Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR047 ZW - Leo Arms ZW제알 웨폰-라이오 암즈 Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR048 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Tiger King 괴염성왕-소우코 Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR049 Hazy Flame Basiltrice 헤이즈비스트 바질리코크 Rare Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR050 Mermail Abysstrite 머메일-어비스트리테 Rare Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR051 Diamond Dire Wolf 공아랑 다이어울프 Super Rare Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR052 Lightning Chidori 전광천조 Super Rare Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR053 Slacker Magician 샤이니트 매지션 Super Rare Xyz Monster
CBLZ-KR054 Zerozerock 제로제록 Common Continuous Spell Card
CBLZ-KR055 Gagagadraw 가가가 드로우 Rare Normal Spell Card
CBLZ-KR056 Xyz Double Back 엑시즈 더블 백 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
CBLZ-KR057 Heraldry Reborn 리본 메달리온 Rare Normal Spell Card
CBLZ-KR058 Fire Formation - Tensu 염무 -「천추」 Common Continuous Spell Card
CBLZ-KR059 Fire Formation - Tenki 염무-「천기」 Rare Continuous Spell Card
CBLZ-KR060 Hazy Pillar 헤이즈필라 Common Continuous Spell Card
CBLZ-KR061 Abyss-scale of Cetus 어비스케일-케토스 Common Equip Spell Card
CBLZ-KR062 Spellbook of the Master 세페르의 마도서 Common Normal Spell Card
CBLZ-KR063 The Big Cattle Drive 오합의 행진 Common Normal Spell Card
CBLZ-KR064 March of the Monarchs 진격의 제왕 Common Continuous Spell Card
CBLZ-KR065 Quick Booster 퀵 부스터 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
CBLZ-KR066 After the Storm 전화의 잔재 Common Normal Spell Card
CBLZ-KR067 Goblin Circus 구경거리 고블린 Normal Rare Continuous Spell Card
CBLZ-KR068 Dimension Gate 디멘션 게이트 Common Continuous Trap Card
CBLZ-KR069 Xyz Dimension Splash 엑시즈 디멘션 스플래시 Common Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR070 Heraldry Change 체인지 메달리온 Common Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR071 Fire Formation - Tensen 염무-「천선」 Common Continuous Trap Card
CBLZ-KR072 Fire Formation - Tenken 염무-「천권」 Common Continuous Trap Card
CBLZ-KR073 Ultimate Fire Formation - Seito 극염무-「성두」 Common Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR074 Hazy Glory 헤이즈글로리 Common Continuous Trap Card
CBLZ-KR075 Abyss-scorn 어비스콘 Common Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR076 Spikeshield with Chain 쇠사슬 스파이크 실드 Common Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR077 Xyz Tribalrivals 엑시즈 트라이벌 Common Continuous Trap Card
CBLZ-KR078 Breakthrough Skill 브레이크스루 스킬 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR079 Jurrac Impact 쥬락 임팩트 Common Normal Trap Card
CBLZ-KR080 Dice-nied Normal Rare Continuous Trap Card

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