Collectible Tins 2012 Wave 2.5
Latas Coleccionables 2012 Lanzamiento 2.5
Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
CT09-SP019"Prophecy Destroyer" "El Destructor de la Profecía"Secret Rare
Effect Monster
CT09-SP020"Endless Decay" "Descomposición Interminable"Super Rare
Effect Monster
CT09-SP021"Steelswarm Roach" "Cucaracha Horda de Acero"Super Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CT09-SP022"Photon Strike Bounzer" "Rebotador de Golpe Fotónico"Super Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
CT09-SP023"Infernity Barrier" "Barrera Inférnica"Super Rare
Counter Trap Card

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