Champion Pack: Game Three
Busta dei Campioni: Sfida Tre
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP03-IT001 Magicians Unite Maghi Riuniti Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT002 Spirit Reaper Spirito Mietitore Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT003 Gravekeeper's Spy Spia - Custode di Tombe Super Rare Flip monster
CP03-IT004 Snipe Hunter Cacciatore Cecchino Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT005 Dark World Lightning Fulmine del Mondo Oscuro Super Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT006 D.D. Assailant Assalitore D.D. Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT007 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Goldd, Signore-Wu del Mondo Oscuro Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT008 Manticore of Darkness Manticora dell'Oscurità Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT009 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn L'Agente del Giudizio - Saturno Rare Effect Monster
CP03-IT010 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Cerchio Incantatore di Pikeru Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-IT011 Widespread Ruin Rovine Diffuse Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-IT012 Fairy Dragon Drago Fatato Common Normal Monster
CP03-IT013 Chiron the Mage Chiron il Saggio Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT014 Kaibaman Kaibaman Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT015 B.E.S. Crystal Core B.E.S. Nucleo Cristallino Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT016 Gravekeeper's Chief Comandante - Custode di Tombe Common Effect Monster
CP03-IT017 Wild Nature's Release Natura Selvaggia Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT018 A Feather of the Phoenix Una Piuma Di Fenice Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-IT019 Contract with the Abyss Contratto con l'Abisso Common Ritual Spell Card
CP03-IT020 Necrovalley Necrovalle Common Field Spell Card

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