Champion Pack: Game Three
Champion Pack: Game Three
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
CP03-DE001 Magicians Unite Vereinigte Magier Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE002 Spirit Reaper Geister-Sensenmann Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE003 Gravekeeper's Spy Grabwächters Spion Super Rare Flip monster
CP03-DE004 Snipe Hunter Jäger im Hinterhalt Super Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE005 Dark World Lightning Blitzgewitter der Finsteren Welt Super Rare Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE006 D.D. Assailant D.D. Angreifer Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE007 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Goldd, Wu-Fürst der Finsteren Welt Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE008 Manticore of Darkness Manticore der Finsternis Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE009 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Sendbote des Gerichts - Saturn Rare Effect Monster
CP03-DE010 Pikeru's Circle of Enchantment Pikerus Kreis der Verzauberung Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-DE011 Widespread Ruin Umfassende Verwüstung Rare Normal Trap Card
CP03-DE012 Fairy Dragon Feendrache Common Normal Monster
CP03-DE013 Chiron the Mage Chiron der Magier Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE014 Kaibaman Kaiba-Mann Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE015 B.E.S. Crystal Core B.E.S. Kristallkern Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE016 Gravekeeper's Chief Anführer der Grabwächter Common Effect Monster
CP03-DE017 Wild Nature's Release Erscheinung der Wilden Natur Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE018 A Feather of the Phoenix Eine Feder vom Phönix Common Normal Spell Card
CP03-DE019 Contract with the Abyss Vertrag mit der Unterwelt Common Ritual Spell Card
CP03-DE020 Necrovalley Tal der Toten Common Field Spell Card

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