Champion Pack: Game Seven
Busta dei Campioni: Sfida Sette
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP07-IT001 Voltic Kong Kong Voltaico Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT002 Legendary Jujitsu Master Maestro Leggendario Jujitsu Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT003 Threatening Roar Ruggito Minaccioso Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP07-IT004 Gladiator Beast Bestiari Gladiatore Bestia Bestiari Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT005 Lonefire Blossom Bocciolo di Fuoco Solitario Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT006 Elemental Hero Ocean Oceano EROE Elementale Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT007 Fairy King Truesdale Truesdale, Re delle Fate Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT008 Spell Striker Assaltatore Magico Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT009 Vanity's Fiend Demone della Vanità Rare Effect Monster
CP07-IT010 Dark World Dealings Affari del Mondo Oscuro Rare Normal Spell Card
CP07-IT011 Doom Shaman Sciamano Destino Rare Gemini monster
CP07-IT012 Shovel Crusher Annientatore Badile Common Normal Monster
CP07-IT013 Life Absorbing Machine Macchina Assorbi Vita Common Continuous Trap Card
CP07-IT014 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast Drago Fuciliere, la Bestia Versatile Common Effect Monster
CP07-IT015 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Homunculus l'Essere Alchemico Common Effect Monster
CP07-IT016 Memory Crusher Annientatore di Memoria Common Effect Monster
CP07-IT017 Instant Fusion Fusione Istantanea Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-IT018 Dimensional Inversion Inversione Dimensionale Common Normal Trap Card
CP07-IT019 Ancient Rules Regole Antiche Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-IT020 Counter Counter Anti-Contrasto Common Counter Trap Card

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