Champion Pack: Game Seven
Paquet du Champion: 7éme Partie
Set number English name French name Rarity Category
CP07-FR001 Voltic Kong Kong Voltaïque Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR002 Legendary Jujitsu Master Maître Légendaire du Jiu-Jitsu Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR003 Threatening Roar Rugissement Menaçant Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP07-FR004 Gladiator Beast Bestiari Bestiari, Bête Gladiateur Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR005 Lonefire Blossom Floraison de Feu Super Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR006 Elemental Hero Ocean Océan, HÉROS Élémentaire Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR007 Fairy King Truesdale Roi des Fées Truesdale Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR008 Spell Striker Cogneur Magique Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR009 Vanity's Fiend Démon de la Vanité Rare Effect Monster
CP07-FR010 Dark World Dealings Transactions du Monde Ténébreux Rare Normal Spell Card
CP07-FR011 Doom Shaman Invocateur de Démons Rare Gemini monster
CP07-FR012 Shovel Crusher Broyo-Pelleteuse Common Normal Monster
CP07-FR013 Life Absorbing Machine Absorbeur de Vie Common Continuous Trap Card
CP07-FR014 Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast Dragon Fusilier, la Bête Bi-Modale Common Effect Monster
CP07-FR015 Homunculus the Alchemic Being Homunculus, l'Etre Alchimique Common Effect Monster
CP07-FR016 Memory Crusher Broyeur de Mémoire Common Effect Monster
CP07-FR017 Instant Fusion Fusion Instantanée Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-FR018 Dimensional Inversion Inversion Dimensionnelle Common Normal Trap Card
CP07-FR019 Ancient Rules Anciens Réglements Common Normal Spell Card
CP07-FR020 Counter Counter Anti-Contre Common Counter Trap Card

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