Champion Pack: Game Four
Champion Pack: Game Four
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
CP04-DE001 Gernia Gernia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP04-DE002 Ultimate Offering Letzes Angebot Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
CP04-DE003 Bottomless Trap Hole Bodenlose Fallgrube Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP04-DE004 Apprentice Magician Auszubildende Zauberin Super Rare Effect Monster
CP04-DE005 Hydrogeddon Hydrogeddon Super Rare Effect Monster
CP04-DE006 Confiscation Beschlagnahme Rare Normal Spell Card
CP04-DE007 Freed the Brave Wanderer Freed, der tapfere Wanderer Rare Effect Monster
CP04-DE008 Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade Göttliches Schwert - Phönixklinge Rare Equip Spell Card
CP04-DE009 Return from the Different Dimension Rückkehr aus der anderen Dimension Rare Normal Trap Card
CP04-DE010 Cipher Soldier Cipher-Soldat Rare Effect Monster
CP04-DE011 Magician's Circle Kreis der Magier Rare Normal Trap Card
CP04-DE012 Soul Exchange Seelentausch Common Normal Spell Card
CP04-DE013 Mother Grizzly Mutter Grizzly Common Effect Monster
CP04-DE014 Grand Tiki Elder Großer Ältester Tiki Common Normal Monster
CP04-DE015 Gigantes Gigantes Common Effect Monster
CP04-DE016 Robbin' Goblin Raubender Goblin Common Continuous Trap Card
CP04-DE017 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Manju der Zehntausend Hände Common Effect Monster
CP04-DE018 Hand of Nephthys Nephthys Butlerin Common Effect Monster
CP04-DE019 D.D. Survivor D.D. Überlebender Common Effect Monster
CP04-DE020 Treeborn Frog Baumfrosch Common Effect Monster

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