Champion Pack: Game Five
Busta dei Campioni: Sfida Cinque
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP05-IT001 Fiend's Sanctuary Santuario del Demone Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
CP05-IT002 Giant Germ Germe Gigante Super Rare Effect Monster
CP05-IT003 Magical Merchant Mercante Magico Super Rare Flip monster
CP05-IT004 Wave-Motion Cannon Cannone a Onde Soniche Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
CP05-IT005 Trap Dustshoot Trappola Botola Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP05-IT006 Dark Necrofear Paura Oscura Rare Effect Monster
CP05-IT007 Blowback Dragon Drago Sputafuoco Rare Effect Monster
CP05-IT008 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ha Des Sovrano Oscuro Rare Effect Monster
CP05-IT009 Deck Devastation Virus Virus Devasta Deck Rare Normal Trap Card
CP05-IT010 Pulling the Rug Tirare il Tappeto Rare Counter Trap Card
CP05-IT011 Anti-Spell Fragrance Essenza Anti-Magia Rare Continuous Trap Card
CP05-IT012 Amazon of the Seas Amazzone dei Mari Common Normal Monster
CP05-IT013 Protector of the Sanctuary Protettore del Santuario Common Effect Monster
CP05-IT014 Double Coston Doppio Coston Common Effect Monster
CP05-IT015 Rescue Cat Gatto da Soccorso Common Effect Monster
CP05-IT016 D.D. Crow Corvo D.D. Common Effect Monster
CP05-IT017 Hammer Shot Lancio del Martello Common Normal Spell Card
CP05-IT018 Thousand Knives Mille Coltelli Common Normal Spell Card
CP05-IT019 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Sigillo Maledetto della Magia Proibita Common Counter Trap Card
CP05-IT020 Spirit Barrier Barriera dello Spirito Common Continuous Trap Card

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