Champion Pack: Game Eight
Busta dei Campioni: Sfida Otto
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
CP08-IT001 Gravity Behemoth Ultra Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT002 Prohibition Proibizione Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
CP08-IT003 Mind Crush Scontro Mentale Super Rare Normal Trap Card
CP08-IT004 Dimensional Fissure Spaccatura Dimensionale Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
CP08-IT005 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner Lumina, Evocatrice Fedele della Luce Super Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT006 Magician's Valkyria Valkyria del Mago Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT007 Silent Magician LV4 Mago Silente LV4 Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT008 Great Shogun Shien Grande Shogun Shien Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT009 Herald of Creation Profeta della Creazione Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT010 Burial from a Different Dimension Sepoltura da un'Altra Dimensione Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
CP08-IT011 Necro Gardna Sentinella Necro Rare Effect Monster
CP08-IT012 Mushroom Man Uomo-Fungo Common Normal Monster
CP08-IT013 Royal Oppression Oppressione Reale Common Continuous Trap Card
CP08-IT014 Beckoning Light Luce del Richiamo Common Normal Trap Card
CP08-IT015 Neo-Spacian Dark Panther Pantera Nera Neo-Spaziale Common Effect Monster
CP08-IT016 Alien Warrior Alieno Guerriero Common Effect Monster
CP08-IT017 Alien Mother Alieno Madre Common Effect Monster
CP08-IT018 Vanity's Ruler Sovrano della Vanità Common Effect Monster
CP08-IT019 Miraculous Rebirth Rinascita Miracolosa Common Quick-Play Spell Card
CP08-IT020 Cell Explosion Virus Virus della Cella Esplosa Common Normal Trap Card

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