Astral Pack Two
Pacote Astral Dois
Set number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category
AP02-PT001 Atlantean Dragoons Soldados de Cavalaria Atlante Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT002 Photon Papilloperative Papilloperativo de Fóton Ultimate Rare Effect Xyz Monster
AP02-PT003 Spellbook of Power Livro de Magia do Poder Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
AP02-PT004 Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon Dragão Interplanetariopurpuraespinhoso Super Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT005 Geargiaccelerator Engrenagiacelerador Super Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT006 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Infantaria Pesada Atlante Super Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT007 Slushy Super Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT008 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Hawk Irmandade do Punho de Fogo - Falcão Super Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT009 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven Irmandade do Punho de Fogo - Corvo Super Rare Effect Monster
AP02-PT010 Harpies' Hunting Ground Terreno de Caça das Harpias Super Rare Field Spell Card
AP02-PT011 Gemini Spark Centelha de Gêmeos Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
AP02-PT012 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Aoi - Arte Espiritual da Água Super Rare Normal Trap Card
AP02-PT013 Trap Stun Atordoar Armadilha Super Rare Normal Trap Card
AP02-PT014 Sky Scout Batedor Celeste Short Print Normal Monster
AP02-PT015 Cyber Phoenix Fênix Cibernética Common Effect Monster
AP02-PT016 Light and Darkness Dragon Dragão da Luz e das Trevas Common Effect Monster
AP02-PT017 Justice of Prophecy Justiça da Profecia Common Effect Monster
AP02-PT018 Barox Barox Short Print Fusion Monster
AP02-PT019 Pot of Avarice Pote da Avarice Common Normal Spell Card
AP02-PT020 Instant Fusion Fusão Instantânea Common Normal Spell Card
AP02-PT021 Recycling Batteries Reciclar Baterias Common Normal Spell Card
AP02-PT022 Machina Armored Unit Unidade Blindada Autômata Common Continuous Spell Card
AP02-PT023 Photon Veil Véu de Fóton Common Normal Spell Card
AP02-PT024 Hysteric Party Festa Histérica Common Continuous Trap Card
AP02-PT025 Token Stampede Estouro de Fichas Common Continuous Trap Card

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