Astral Pack Five
Astral Pack Cinque
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
AP05-IT001 Bujin Yamato Bujin Yamato Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT002 Gagaga Cowboy Cowboy Gagaga Ultimate Rare Effect Xyz Monster
AP05-IT003 Pot of Duality Giara della Dualità Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
AP05-IT004 Card Trooper Truppa della Carta Super Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT005 Jenis, Lightsworn Mender Jenis, Riparatrice Fedele della Luce Super Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT006 Geargiarsenal Ingranaggianarsenale Super Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT007 Mermail Abysspike Sirenide Abisspike Super Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT008 Star Drawing Disegnatore di Stelle Super Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT009 Bujingi Turtle Bujingi Tartaruga Super Rare Effect Monster
AP05-IT010 Advanced Ritual Art Arte Avanzata del Rituale Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
AP05-IT011 Charge of the Light Brigade Carica della Brigata della Luce Super Rare Normal Spell Card
AP05-IT012 Overworked Eccesso di Lavoro Super Rare Normal Trap Card
AP05-IT013 Full House Tutto Esaurito Super Rare Normal Trap Card
AP05-IT014 Blackland Fire Dragon Drago Infuocato della Terra Nera Short Print Normal Monster
AP05-IT015 Copy Plant Copia Pianta Common Effect Tuner monster
AP05-IT016 Hanewata Hanewata Common Effect Tuner monster
AP05-IT017 Rinyan, Lightsworn Rogue Rinyan, Ladro Fedele della Luce Common Flip monster
AP05-IT018 Skelgon Skelgon Short Print Fusion Monster
AP05-IT019 Queen of Thorns Regina delle Spine Common Effect Synchro Monster
AP05-IT020 Empress of Prophecy Imperatrice della Profezia Common Effect Xyz Monster
AP05-IT021 Soul Exchange Scambio di Anime Common Normal Spell Card
AP05-IT022 Book of Moon Libro della Luna Common Quick-Play Spell Card
AP05-IT023 Lightsworn Sabre Scimitarra Fedele della Luce Common Equip Spell Card
AP05-IT024 Spiritual Forest Foresta Spirituale Common Continuous Spell Card
AP05-IT025 Spellbook Library of the Heliosphere Biblioteca del Libro di Magia dell'Eliosfera Common Normal Spell Card
AP05-IT026 Jurrac Impact Impatto Jurrac Common Normal Trap Card

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