Ancient Sanctuary
Set number Name Rarity Category
AST-AE000 The End of Anubis Secret Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE001 Gogiga Gagagigo Common Normal Monster
AST-AE002 Warrior of Zera Common Normal Monster
AST-AE003 Sealmaster Meisei Rare Normal Monster
AST-AE004 Mystical Shine Ball Rare Normal Monster
AST-AE005 Metal Armored Bug Common Normal Monster
AST-AE006 The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE007 The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE008 The Agent of Creation - Venus Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE009 The Agent of Force - Mars Super Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE010 The Unhappy Girl Common Effect Monster
AST-AE011 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE012 The Kick Man Common Effect Monster
AST-AE013 Vampire Lady Common Effect Monster
AST-AE014 Stone Statue of the Aztecs Super Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE015 Rocket Jumper Common Effect Monster
AST-AE016 Avatar of The Pot Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE017 Legendary Jujitsu Master Common Effect Monster
AST-AE018 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE019 KA-2 Des Scissors Common Effect Monster
AST-AE020 Needle Burrower Super Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE021 Sonic Jammer Common Flip monster
AST-AE022 Blowback Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE023 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Super Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE024 Atomic Firefly Common Effect Monster
AST-AE025 Mermaid Knight Common Effect Monster
AST-AE026 Piranha Army Common Effect Monster
AST-AE027 Two Thousand Needles Common Effect Monster
AST-AE028 Disc Fighter Common Effect Monster
AST-AE029 Arcane Archer of the Forest Common Effect Monster
AST-AE030 Lady Ninja Yae Common Effect Monster
AST-AE031 Goblin King Common Effect Monster
AST-AE032 Solar Flare Dragon Common Effect Monster
AST-AE033 White Magician Pikeru Common Effect Monster
AST-AE034 Archlord Zerato Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE035 Opti-Camouflage Armor Common Equip Spell Card
AST-AE036 Mystik Wok Common Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-AE037 Enemy Controller Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-AE038 Burst Stream of Destruction Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
AST-AE039 Monster Gate Common Normal Spell Card
AST-AE040 Amplifier Super Rare Equip Spell Card
AST-AE041 Weapon Change Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE042 The Sanctuary in the Sky Super Rare Field Spell Card
AST-AE043 Earthquake Common Normal Spell Card
AST-AE044 Talisman of Trap Sealing Rare Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE045 Goblin Thief Common Normal Spell Card
AST-AE046 Backfire Common Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE047 Micro Ray Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE048 Light of Judgment Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE049 Talisman of Spell Sealing Rare Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE050 Wall of Revealing Light Common Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE051 Solar Ray Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE052 Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Common Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE053 Beckoning Light Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE054 Draining Shield Rare Normal Trap Card
AST-AE055 Armor Break Common Counter Trap Card
AST-AE056 Gigobyte Common Normal Monster
AST-AE057 Mokey Mokey Common Normal Monster
AST-AE058 Kozaky Common Normal Monster
AST-AE059 Fiend Scorpion Common Normal Monster
AST-AE060 Pharaoh's Servant Common Normal Monster
AST-AE061 Pharaonic Protector Common Normal Monster
AST-AE062 Spirit of the Pharaoh Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE063 Theban Nightmare Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE064 Aswan Apparition Common Effect Monster
AST-AE065 Protector of the Sanctuary Common Effect Monster
AST-AE066 Nubian Guard Common Effect Monster
AST-AE067 Legacy Hunter Super Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE068 Desertapir Common Flip monster
AST-AE069 Sand Gambler Common Effect Monster
AST-AE070 3-Hump Lacooda Common Effect Monster
AST-AE071 Ghost Knight of Jackal Ultra Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE072 Absorbing Kid from the Sky Common Effect Monster
AST-AE073 Elephant Statue of Blessing Common Effect Monster
AST-AE074 Elephant Statue of Disaster Common Effect Monster
AST-AE075 Spirit Caller Common Flip monster
AST-AE076 Emissary of the Afterlife Super Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE077 Grave Protector Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE078 Double Coston Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE079 Regenerating Mummy Common Effect Monster
AST-AE080 Night Assailant Common Effect Monster
AST-AE081 Man-Thro' Tro' Common Effect Monster
AST-AE082 King of the Swamp Rare Effect Monster
AST-AE083 Emissary of the Oasis Common Effect Monster
AST-AE084 Special Hurricane Rare Normal Spell Card
AST-AE085 Order to Charge Common Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-AE086 Sword of the Soul-Eater Common Equip Spell Card
AST-AE087 Dust Barrier Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE088 Soul Reversal Common Quick-Play Spell Card
AST-AE089 Spell Economics Rare Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE090 Blessings of the Nile Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE091 7 Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE092 Level Limit - Area B Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE093 Enchanting Fitting Room Common Normal Spell Card
AST-AE094 The Law of the Normal Common Normal Spell Card
AST-AE095 Dark Magic Attack Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
AST-AE096 Delta Attacker Common Normal Spell Card
AST-AE097 Thousand Energy Rare Normal Spell Card
AST-AE098 Triangle Power Rare Normal Spell Card
AST-AE099 The Third Sarcophagus Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE100 The Second Sarcophagus Common Continuous Spell Card
AST-AE101 The First Sarcophagus Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE102 Dora of Fate Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE103 Judgment of the Desert Common Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE104 Human-Wave Tactics Common Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE105 Curse of Anubis Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
AST-AE106 Desert Sunlight Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE107 Des Counterblow Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE108 Labyrinth of Nightmare Common Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE109 Soul Resurrection Rare Continuous Trap Card
AST-AE110 Order to Smash Common Normal Trap Card
AST-AE111 Mazera DeVille Super Rare Effect Monster

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