Card numberEnglish nameKorean nameRarityCategory
AE10-KR001"Flying "C"" "비상의 G"Secret Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR002"Uria, Lord of Searing Flames" "신염황 우리아"Secret Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR003"Artifact Lancea" "아티팩트-롱기누스"Secret Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR004"Old Entity Chthugha" "고신 크투그아"Secret Rare
Effect Synchro Monster
AE10-KR005"Performapal Lebellman" "EM엔터메이트 레 벨맨"Super Rare
Effect Pendulum Monster
AE10-KR006"Dragonpit Magician" "용혈의 마술사"Super Rare
Normal Pendulum Monster
AE10-KR007"Fluffal Bear" "퍼니멀 베어"Super Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR008"Infernoid Decatron" "인페르노이드 데카트론"Super Rare
Effect Tuner monster
AE10-KR009"Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss" "피안의 악귀 가토르호그"Super Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR010"The White Stone of Ancients" "태고의 백석"Super Rare
Effect Tuner monster
AE10-KR011"Darklord Nasten" "타락천사 마스테마"Super Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR012"Zoodiac Whiptail" "십이수 바이퍼"Super Rare
Effect Monster
AE10-KR013"Boss Rush" "보스 러시"Super Rare
Continuous Spell Card
AE10-KR014"Thunder Dragon" "썬더 드래곤"Common
Effect Monster
AE10-KR015"Tyranno Infinity" "디노 인피니티"Common
Effect Monster
AE10-KR016"Lyna the Light Charmer" "광령사 라이너"Common
Flip monster
AE10-KR017"House Duston" "하우스 더스튼"Common
Effect Monster
AE10-KR018"Downerd Magician" "다우너드 매지션"Common
Effect Xyz Monster
AE10-KR019"Re-Fusion" "재융합"Common
Equip Spell Card
AE10-KR020"Skyscraper" "마천루-스카이스크레이퍼-"Common
Field Spell Card
AE10-KR021"Miracle Fertilizer" "증초제"Common
Continuous Spell Card
AE10-KR022"Magic Planter" "매직 플랜터"Common
Normal Spell Card
AE10-KR023"Tornado Wall" "회오리 해류벽"Common
Continuous Trap Card
AE10-KR024"Paradox Fusion" "패러독스 퓨전"Common
Counter Trap Card
AE10-KR025"Brain Hazard" "브레인 해저드"Common
Continuous Trap Card

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