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Japanese (romanized)




Face Down Defense Position

A Set Monster Card


A Set Spell/Trap Card

To Set (Japanese: セット Setto) is to place a card face-down on the field.

Monster Cards are Set in the Monster Card Zones, and must be Set in Defense Position. This is called a Normal Set.

With the exception of Field Spell Cards, which are Set in the Field Zone, Spell and Trap Cards are Set in the Spell & Trap Card Zones. Cards that are Set in the Spell & Trap Zone or Field Zone are are placed vertically. Cards cannot be Set in the Pendulum Zone.

Flipping a card on the field face-down (such as by the effect of "Book of Moon" or "Scrap-Iron Scarecrow") and Special Summoning a monster in face-down position (such as by the effect of "The Shallow Grave" or "Magical Hats") are both forms of Setting.[1][2]

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