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{{Unofficial name|Greek|Portuguese}}
{{Unofficial name|Croatian|Greek|Portuguese}}
|ptname = Troca de Senet
|ptname = Troca de Senet
|crname = Senetov Prekidač
|grname = Αλλαγή Θέσης
|grname = Αλλαγή Θέσης
|dename = Senet-Schalter
|dename = Senet-Schalter

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Senet Switch
Flag of the United Kingdom English Senet Switch
Flag of Germany German Senet-Schalter
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Troca de Senet
Flag of Japan Phonetic Pojishonchenji
Flag of Japan Translated Position Change
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Continuous Continuous
Card Number 63394872
Card effect types Ignition-like
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