Semi-Splashable refers to a card that is sometimes capable of boosting a deck it is placed in. This is unlike a Splashable card, where the effect of that card works well and is independent of most any card in the deck. Often these cards are either Semi-Staples or Support Cards for a very general group of monsters.


The Semi-Splashable cards that will be seen most often are Semi-Staples, like Seven Tools of the Bandit. This is because they are easily Side Deckable, making them a common occurrence in many duels but not always used because they may not be the most compatible with a Duelist's Deck.

Support Cards

Other Semi-Splashable cards will often support a Type, Attribute, or or similar group of cards. Thus, these cards will only function in some decks, but will still be seen in a large number of decks. For example, Monster Reborn is considered a Splashable card because it can function in almost any deck, whereas The Warrior Returning Alive is only considered Semi-Splashable because it may be used in a wide variety of decks, but that usage is limited to only decks that use Warrior-Type monsters.

However, Support Cards that support an Archetype are often not considered Semi-Splashable. As in the previous example, Monster Reborn is Splashable because it works in most any deck it is put in, and The Warrior Returning Alive is Semi-Splashable because it works in nearly any Warrior-themed deck it is put in, but Elemental Recharge is not considered either Splashable or Semi-Splashable because, although the Elemental Hero archetype may see a decent amount usage, Elemental Recharge will only ever see proper use in a deck that specifically uses a large number of Elemental Heroes; cards of this nature are considered Anti-Splashable

Advanced Format

These kinds of cards include:

Effect Monsters



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