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Japanese (base text)


Japanese (romanized)

Junseigen Kādo


Semi-Limited card

In the OCG and the TCG Advanced and Traditional Formats, Semi-Limited (準制限 Junseigen) cards are cards that players are allowed only two copies of in their Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck combined.

These cards are Semi-Limited as of October 1, 2016 for the OCG, and August 29, 2016 the TCG Advanced Format.

Monster Cards

 Japanese nameOCGTCG AdvancedTCG Traditional
Artifact Moralltachアーティファクト-モラルタSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Atlantean Dragoons海皇の竜騎隊Semi-LimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginningカオス・ソルジャー -開闢の使者-Semi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Card TrooperカードガンナーUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
D/D LamiaDDラミアSemi-Limited
D/D Swirl SlimeDDスワラル・スライムSemi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Debris Dragonデブリ・ドラゴンUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier氷結界の虎王ドゥローレンSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Evigishki Gustkrakenイビリチュア・ガストクラーケSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Inzektor Dragonfly甲虫装機 ダンセルSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Maxx "C"増殖するGUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Reborn Tengu輪廻天狗Semi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Star Seraph Sovereignty光天使スローネSemi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Summoner Monk召喚僧サモンプリーストLimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Thunder King Rai-OhライオウUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Wind-Up MagicianゼンマイマジシャンUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Wisdom-Eye Magician慧眼の魔術師Semi-LimitedLimitedLimited

Spell Cards

 Japanese nameOCGTCG AdvancedTCG Traditional
Chain Strike連鎖爆撃Semi-LimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Charge of the Light Brigade光の援軍UnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Dark Holeブラック・ホールLimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Domain of the True Monarchs真帝王領域Semi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Dragon Ravine竜の渓谷LimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
El Shaddoll Fusion神の写し身との接触Semi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Monster GateモンスターゲートSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited

Trap Cards

 Japanese nameOCGTCG AdvancedTCG Traditional
Ojama TrioおジャマトリオUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited



Move into the list

Card Japanese name Card type Old status (July 2016) New status (October 2016)
Artifact Moralltach アーティファクト-モラルタ Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning カオス・ソルジャー -かいびゃく使しゃ Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
D/D Lamia ディーディーラミア Monster Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
D/D Swirl Slime ディーディースワラル・スライム Monster Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
Inzektor Dragonfly 甲虫装機インゼクター ダンセル Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Mathematician マスマティシャン Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Star Seraph Sovereignty 光天使ホーリー・ライトニングスローネ Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Wisdom-Eye Magician けいがんじゅつ Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Domain of the True Monarchs しんていおうりょういき Spell Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
El Shaddoll Fusion 神の写し身との接触エルシャドール・フュージョン Spell Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Monster Gate モンスターゲート Spell Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited

Move out of the list

Card Japanese name Card type Old status (July 2016) New status (October 2016)
Qliphort Scout クリフォート・ツール Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Sangan クリッター Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Thousand-Eyes Restrict サウザンド・アイズ・サクリファイス Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Charge of the Light Brigade ひかりえんぐん Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Gateway of the Six ろくもん Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Sinister Shadow Games かげうごめ Trap Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Wall of Revealing Light ひかりふうへき Trap Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited


Move into the list

Card Card type Old status (April 2016) New status (August 2016)
Maxx "C" Monster Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
Thunder King Rai-Oh Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Wind-Up Magician Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited

Move out of the list

Card Card type Old status (April 2016) New status (August 2016)
Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Allure of Darkness Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Emergency Teleport Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited

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