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Junseigen Kādo


Semi-Limited card

In the OCG and the TCG Advanced and Traditional Formats, Semi-Limited (準制限 Junseigen) cards are cards that players are allowed only two copies of in their Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck combined.

These cards are Semi-Limited as of April 1, 2018 for the OCG, and February 5, 2018 the TCG Advanced Format.

Monster Cards

 Japanese nameOCGTCG AdvancedTCG Traditional
Aleister the Invoker召喚師アレイスターSemi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Apoqliphort Towersアポクリフォート・キラーUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring灰流うららSemi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Destiny HERO - Disk CommanderD-HERO ディスクガイSemi-LimitedForbiddenLimited
El Shaddoll Constructエルシャドール・ネフィリムSemi-LimitedForbiddenLimited
El Shaddoll Windaエルシャドール・ミドラーシュSemi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Elemental HERO StratosE・HERO エアーマンSemi-LimitedForbiddenLimited
Evigishki Gustkrakenイビリチュア・ガストクラーケSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Luster Pendulum, the Dracoslayer竜剣士ラスターPLimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
SPYRAL GEAR - DroneSPYRAL GEAR-ドローンSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Speedroid TerrortopSRベイゴマックスSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
T.G. Hyper LibrarianTG ハイパー・ライブラリアンLimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Wind-Up MagicianゼンマイマジシャンUnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited

Spell Cards

 Japanese nameOCGTCG AdvancedTCG Traditional
Burial from a Different Dimension異次元からの埋葬UnlimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Chain Strike連鎖爆撃Semi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Emergency Teleport緊急テレポートSemi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Fossil Dig化石調査Semi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Union Hangarユニオン格納庫Semi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Trap Cards

 Japanese nameOCGTCG AdvancedTCG Traditional
Ring of Destruction破壊輪Semi-LimitedSemi-LimitedSemi-Limited
Solemn Judgment神の宣告Semi-LimitedLimitedLimited
Solemn Strike神の通告Semi-LimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Solemn Warning神の警告Semi-LimitedLimitedLimited



Moved into the list

Card Japanese name Card type Old status (January 2018) New status (April 2018)
Aleister the Invoker しょうかんアレイスター Monster Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring うらら Monster Card 1Unlimited 2Semi-Limited
True Draco Heritage しんりゅうけいしょう Spell Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited
Solemn Judgment かみせんこく Trap Card 3Limited 2Semi-Limited

Moved out of the list

Card Japanese name Card type Old status (January 2018) New status (April 2018)
Grinder Golem トーチ・ゴーレム Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Lonefire Blossom ローンファイア・ブロッサム Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 3Limited
Reborn Tengu りんてん Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Summoner Monk しょうかんそうサモンプリースト Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Tribe-Infecting Virus どうぞくかんせんウィルス Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Monster Gate モンスターゲート Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Pantheism of the Monarchs はんしんていおう Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Pot of Avarice どんよくつぼ Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited


Moved into the list

There are no changes from the November 2017 Lists.

Moved out of the list

Card Card type Old status (November 2017) New status (February 2018)
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Card Trooper Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Thunder King Rai-Oh Monster Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Brain Control Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
El Shaddoll Fusion Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Preparation of Rites Spell Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Ceasefire Trap Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited
Ojama Trio Trap Card 2Semi-Limited 1Unlimited