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English name
  • Seeker
Japanese translated
  • Rare Hunter
  • Male

Rare Hunter



Tournament Position
Battle City Eliminated


Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! episode 55: "Stalked by the Rare Hunters"

Appears in
Nintendo DS
English voice

The Rare Hunter, named Seeker in the English version of the Dungeon Dice Monsters video game and unnamed in anime and manga, was a member of Marik Ishtar's Rare Hunters organization.


Battle City

Seeker and other minions ambushed Joey Wheeler and forced him into a Duel. Most of the duel, he played cards in Defense Mode, and used Graceful Charity to draw more cards. Joey kept up a constant offensive and initially did well, but Seeker was able to draw all 5 pieces of "Exodia" and claim an automatic victory. Upon his defeat, Seeker and the goons took Joey's "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" and beat him up.

At the opening of the Battle City Tournament, Joey tracks down Seeker without his robes, claiming he is able to identify him by his snake-like eyes. When Joey demands a rematch, he declines due to his lack of rare cards. The exchange catches the attention of Yami Yugi, who duels in place of Joey, wagering his prized "Dark Magician". Joey tried to warn Yami of the Rare Hunter's strategy, but Yugi refused, believing it to be an unfair advantage (in the English dub, Seeker claimed that he would tear up the "Red-Eyes" if Joey told). Yami figured it out on his own later, and used cards that would prevent Seeker from holding all the "Exodia" pieces in hand, and finally destroyed Exodia by baiting Seeker into summoning Exodia's head, allowing him to use "Chain Destruction") and won the Duel. Yugi also discovered that the Rare Hunter was using fake cards, and he destroyed them (in the dub, the cards were real, but marked with invisible ink).

After his defeat, Marik forcefully takes over his body with the Millennium Rod. Talking through Seeker to Yugi, he stated that this Rare Hunter was the weakest of his minions and warned Yugi of future duels before making Seeker fall unconscious (in the English dub, the Rare Hunter's mind was banished to the Shadow Realm).

Waking the Dragons

Ghost Seeker

Seeker's "lost soul".

Seeker appeared as one of the many lost souls that sought revenge on Yami when he entered the Stone Wasteland to find the spirit of Yugi.

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