Scrap Orthros

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Scrap Orthros
English Scrap Orthros
French Orthros de Ferraille
German Schrott-Orthros
Italian Orthros Frammento
Korean 스크랩 오르트로스
Portuguese Orthros de Sucata
Spanish Orthros de Chatarra
Japanese スクラップ・オルトロス
Japanese (rōmaji) Sukurappu Orutorosu
Types Beast / Tuner
Level 4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 1700 / 1100
Card Number 64550682
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    OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited
    Facts about "Scrap Orthros"RDF feed
    ATK1,700 +
    ATK string1700
    ActionsActivates from your Graveyard and Adds from Graveyard to hand
    Arabic nameكَلْب الخُردة التَوأم +
    Archetype supportScrap
    AttributeEARTH +
    Attribute TextEarth +
    Card ImageScrapOrthros-EXVC-EN-ScR-1E +
    Card Image TextScrapOrthros-EXVC-EN-ScR-1E.jpg +
    Card Number64550682 +
    Card categoryMonster Card +
    Card category TextMonster Card +
    Card typeMonster Card + and Effect Monster +
    Card type TextMonster Card + and Effect Monster +
    Class 1Official +
    Croatian nameOtpadni Ort +
    DEF1,100 +
    DEF string1100
    Database ID9,438 +
    Effect typeSummoning condition + and Trigger Effect +
    Effect type TextSummoning condition + and Trigger Effect +
    English database ID9,438 +
    English nameScrap Orthros +
    English name (linked)Scrap Orthros +
    French database ID9,438 +
    French loreCette carte ne peut pas être [[Normal SummCette carte ne peut pas être Invoquée Normalement ni être Posée. Si vous contrôlez un monstre "Ferraille" face recto, vous pouvez Invoquer Spécialement cette carte depuis votre main. Lorsque cette carte est Invoquée Spécialement par cet effet, sélectionnez 1 monstre "Ferraille" face recto que vous contrôlez et détruisez-le. Si cette carte est détruite par l'effet d'une carte "Ferraille" et envoyée au Cimetière, vous pouvez sélectionner 1 monstre "Ferraille" dans votre Cimetière, excepté "Orthros de Ferraille", et l'ajouter à votre main. de Ferraille", et l'ajouter à votre main.
    French nameOrthros de Ferraille +
    German database ID9,438 +
    German nameSchrott-Orthros +
    Greek nameΌρθρος των Παλιοσίδερων +
    Italian database ID9,438 +
    Italian loreQuesta carta non può essere Evocata NormalQuesta carta non può essere Evocata Normalmente o Posizionata. Questa carta può essere Evocata solo Specialmente controllando un mostro "Frammento" scoperto. Quando viene Evocata Specialmente in questo modo, scegli 1 mostro "Frammento" scoperto che controlli e distruggilo. Se questa carta viene distrutta dall'effetto di una carta "Frammento" e mandata al Cimitero, puoi scegliere 1 mostro "Frammento" nel tuo Cimitero, eccetto "Orthros Frammento", e aggiungerlo alla tua", e aggiungerlo alla tua mano.
    Italian nameOrthros Frammento +
    Japanese database ID9,438 +
    Japanese kana nameスクラップ・オルトロス +
    Japanese loreこのカードは通常召喚できない。自分フィールド上に「スクラップ」と名のついたモンスターが表側表示で存在する場合、このカードを手札から特殊召喚する事ができる。この効果で特殊召喚に成功した時、自分フィールド上に表側表示で存在する「スクラップ」と名のついたモンスター1体を選択して破壊する。このカードが「スクラップ」と名のついたカードの効果によって破壊され墓地へ送られた場合、「スクラップ・オルトロス」以外の自分の墓地に存在する「スクラップ」と名のついたモンスター1体を選択して手札に加える事ができる。
    Japanese nameスクラップ・オルトロス +
    Korean name스크랩 오르트로스
    Level4 +
    Level string4 +
    LoreThis card cannot be Normal Summoned orThis card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by controlling a face-up "Scrap" monster. When Special Summoned this way, select 1 face-up "Scrap" monster you control, and destroy it. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a "Scrap" card and sent to the Graveyard, you can select 1 "Scrap" monster in your Graveyard, except "Scrap Orthros", and add it to your hand.nd add it to your hand.
    MediumTCG + and OCG +
    MiscSpecial Summon Monster
    MonsterSpellTrapDestroys your face-up Monster Cards
    Monster typeTuner monster +
    Monster type TextTuner monster +
    OCG StatusUnlimited +
    Page nameScrap Orthros +
    Page typeCard page +
    Phonetic nameSukurappu Orutorosu +
    Portuguese nameOrthros de Sucata +
    Romaji nameSukurappu Orutorosu +
    Ruby Japanese nameスクラップ・オルトロス
    Set information--- EXVC-EN097 --- Extreme Victory --- Secret Rare --- English --- +, --- EXVC-FR097 --- Extreme Victory --- Secret Rare --- French --- +, --- EXVC-DE097 --- Extreme Victory --- Secret Rare --- German --- +, --- EXVC-IT097 --- Extreme Victory --- Secret Rare --- Italian --- +, --- EXVC-SP097 --- Extreme Victory --- Secret Rare --- Spanish --- +, --- VE03-JP004 --- V Jump Edition 3 --- Ultra Rare --- Japanese-Asian --- + and --- PP09-KR039 --- Premium Pack Vol.9 --- Super Rare --- Korean --- +
    Set information (JSON){ "number": "EXVC-EN097", "name": "Extreme Victory", "rarity": "Secret Rare", "region": "English" } +, { "number": "EXVC-FR097", "name": "Extreme Victory", "rarity": "Secret Rare", "region": "French" } +, { "number": "EXVC-DE097", "name": "Extreme Victory", "rarity": "Secret Rare", "region": "German" } +, { "number": "EXVC-IT097", "name": "Extreme Victory", "rarity": "Secret Rare", "region": "Italian" } +, { "number": "EXVC-SP097", "name": "Extreme Victory", "rarity": "Secret Rare", "region": "Spanish" } +, { "number": "VE03-JP004", "name": "V Jump Edition 3", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "Japanese-Asian" } + and { "number": "PP09-KR039", "name": "Premium Pack Vol.9", "rarity": "Super Rare", "region": "Korean" } +
    Spanish database ID9,438 +
    Spanish nameOrthros de Chatarra +
    Stars4 +
    Stars string4 +
    SummoningCannot Normal Summon, Cannot Set, Semi-Nomi and Special Summons itself from your hand
    TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
    TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
    Thai nameหมาขยะสองหัว +
    TypeBeast +
    Type TextBeast +
    TypesBeast + and Tuner +

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