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"Scrap Beast" (with the remains of "Scrap Goblin" and "Scrap Soldier").

  • スクラップ
  • Sukurappu (Rōmaji)

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Anime appearances

"Scrap" (スクラップ Sukurappu) is an archetype that made its debut in Structure Deck 18: Machiners Command. All of the monsters are EARTH-Attribute, and are used by Toru in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus. In spite of their appearance and name, to date, only 4 of these monsters are Machine-Type: "Scrap Hunter", "Scrap Mind Reader", "Scrap Breaker" and "Scrap Recycler". So far, cards for this archetype are found in the Duelist Revolution, Starstrike Blast, Storm of Ragnarok, and Extreme Victory booster packs.

Playing Style

Scraps focus on destroying themselves and each other by the effects of "Scrap" cards, including Spell and Trap effects. Some of their effects destroy cards on both sides of the field, and some trigger even when destroyed by opponents' cards, generating advantage from what would normally be crippling. Here is a list of all "Scrap" cards and their relevant explanations. "Scrap Kong" and "Scrap" Tuner Monsters, except "Scrap Mind Reader" & "Scrap Chimera" can add another "Scrap" Monster from your Graveyard to your hand when they're destroyed by card effects of "Scrap" cards, even their own effects.


  • "Scrap Goblin": This is a Level 3 Tuner. One, it cannot be destroyed by battle. Two, if it is selected as an attack target while in face-up Defense position, it self-destructs at the end of the Battle Phase. Three, whenever it is destroyed by the effect of any Scrap card, including itself, it can return any Scrap monster, except "Scrap Goblin", from your Graveyard to your hand. Also, note that "Scrap Beast" and "Scrap Soldier" have the same second and third effects as Scrap Goblin, and all "Scrap" Tuners except "Scrap Mind Reader" have the third effect.
  • "Scrap Beast": This is a Level 4 Tuner. It has the two effects that "Scrap" Tuners commonly have. It is useful for Synchro Summons, and while you probably will never get a chance to use its self-destruct effect (nor would you really be aiming for it), you can destroy it with other "Scrap" cards to recycle your monsters.
  • "Scrap Soldier": This is a Level 5 Tuner. It has the two effects that "Scrap" Tuners commonly have. It can be useful for Synchro Summoning when revived by "Scrap Chimera", but is also generally a dead draw. It can only be used for the Synchro Summon of a "Scrap" monster. Not the most recommended Scrap.
  • "Scrap Searcher": This is a Level 1 non-Tuner. Whenever any other "Scrap" monster is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon "Scrap Searcher" from your Graveyard. It destroys all of your face-up non-"Scraps", but it's a relatively small price to pay. It means you can continue your field presence even after your "Scrap Goblin" has self-destructed. Make sure to get this card to your Graveyard relatively early. This card also has a combo with "Scrap Golem": if this card is in the Graveyard, activate "Golem's" effect and Special Summon "Searcher" to your opponent's side of the field in Attack Position, destroying all non-"Scrap" monsters they control. "Scrap Golem" can attack and inflict 2200 damage to the opponent, putting "Searcher" back in your Graveyard—you can repeat this as many times as you want as long as "Searcher" is still in the Graveyard and "Golem" is still on the field.
  • "Scrap Hunter": This is a Level 3 non-Tuner. It has a rather lackluster effect. It destroys a "Scrap" monster and sends a Tuner from your Deck to your Graveyard. Not really that useful, even if you use it with a Scrap Tuner Monster to get its "recycle" effect. That is, unless you choose a Tuner monster such as Plaguespreader Zombie or Glow-Up Bulb, which would let you Summon out a Synchro Monster quickly.
  • "Scrap Chimera": This is a Level 4 non-Tuner. When it is Normal Summoned, you can Special Summon a "Scrap" Tuner Monster from your Graveyard. If it's used as a Synchro Material Monster, the Synchro Monster, and all other Synchro Material Monsters, must be "Scrap" monsters. This card allows easy access to the "Scrap" Synchro Monsters, and can combo well with "Scrap Beast", "Scrap Orthros" and "Scrap Soldier" for Synchro Summoning. You can also revive "Scrap Goblin" in a pinch for some defense, or revive anything to combo with "Scrapstorm" or "Scrap Sheen".
  • "Scrap Recycler": This is a Level 3 non-Tuner. It is not a Scrap archetype monster per se (it originated from the Machina-themed Machina Mayhem structure deck), though it has a similar effect. When Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, you can send any Machine-Type monster from the Deck to the Graveyard. Once per turn, this card can send two Level 4, EARTH, Machine-Type monsters from the Graveyard to the Deck to draw one card. At first glance, this may not seem like too bad of a card. However, no "Scrap" monsters currently fit the requirement of being Machine-Type and Level 4. Although you could use it, if you want, to get your "Scrap Mind Reader" into the Graveyard quicker, this card is better suited for the Gadget Archetype.
  • "Scrap Golem": This is a Level 5 non-Tuner. It allows you to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "Scrap" monster once per turn, to either side of the field. You could Special Summon a face-up Attack Position "Scrap Goblin" to your opponent's field with this card's effect to attack it with this card for 2300 damage, but most often you'll be using it for Synchro Summons, by Special Summoning "Scrap Goblin" or "Scrap Beast" for the Synchro Summon of "Scrap Dragon" or "Scrap Twin Dragon". A very good combo involves this card and "Scrap Searcher": you can Special Summon "Searcher" to your opponent's side of the field with this card's effect, and destroy all of their face-up monsters by the effect of "Searcher".
  • "Scrap Orthros": This is a Level 4 Tuner. While you control any "Scrap" Monster you can Special Summon him from your hand, and then afterwards destroy one "Scrap" Monster. Unfortunately this is mandatory, but at the same time it can destroy itself and add another "Scrap" Monster to your hand, which is a very easy way of recycling Scraps like "Chimera" for Synchro Summons, or "Goblin" for defense. This is, so far, the only non-Synchro "Scrap" monster that cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.
  • "Scrap Mind Reader": This is a Level 1 Tuner. This card does not have the self-destructing and recycling effects the other Scrap Tuners have. Instead you can destroy 1 Scrap you control to Special Summon it from the Graveyard during your Main Phase 2. If it is Summoned that way, it is removed from play when removed from the field. However, it can only be used for a Synchro Summon if the other Material Monsters are "Scrap" Monsters. It can easily be searched with "One for One" and sent to the Graveyard via "Hunter", "Recycler", or "Foolish Burial".
  • "Scrap Worm": This is a Level 2 Tuner. It has the common recycle theme that most Scrap Tuners have, but it has another effect that gives Scraps an extra option. It can attack your opponent directly for 500 ATK, which may seem like a waste of time. However, when it attacks, it's destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase. Combo this with "Scrap Searcher" and add a "Scrap" Tuner other than "Scrap Worm" to your hand to make a small Synchro Summon if you haven't used up your Normal Summon this turn. You can also use this and "Scrap Archfiend" to make a "Scrap Twin Dragon".
  • "Scrap Shark": This is a Level 4 non-Tuner. It has a whopping 2100 ATK for a Level 4, but sadly, this comes with a price. Whenever any Spell Card, Trap Card, or monster effect is activated, "Shark" destroys itself. However, when it's destroyed by a "Scrap" effect, including its own, you can send a "Scrap" monster from your Deck to your Graveyard. It's pretty much a "Scrapstorm" in itself, so it gives players new opportunities if they just don't have enough Spell space for a third "Scrapstorm". It is also useful as cannon fodder: anytime you attack with this card your opponent is inclined to activate Spells and Traps earlier than they'd like to, effectively wasting them and thus giving you a slight edge.
  • "Scrap Breaker": This is a Level 6 non-Tuner. If your opponent controls a monster, you can Special Summon it, but then you have to destroy 1 "Scrap" Monster you control. It can be useful for trading in a weak Tuner like "Scrap Goblin" or "Scrap Worm" for a 2100 ATK beatstick while activating the Tuner's effects. It can also be useful for Synchro Summoning; Tuning it with "Scrap Mind Reader", "Scrap Worm", or "Scrap Goblin" can summon "Scrap Archfiend", "Scrap Dragon", or "Scrap Twin Dragon", respectively.
  • "Scrap Kong": This is a Level 4 non-Tuner. If it is Normal Summoned, it is destroyed automatically. It seems to be a waste of time, but you can use its recycling effect to get "Scrap Chimera" back to your hand for a Synchro on your next turn. You can also use "Ultimate Offering" to easily Synchro Summon any "Scrap" monster the turn you Summon it, revive it with "Golem" for its 2000 ATK, special summon a Machine Emperor, or combo with "Green Baboon" (be careful about "Searcher").
  • "Scrap Archfiend": This is a Level 7 Fiend Synchro Monster. The easiest ways to Synchro Summon this card are "Chimera"+"Goblin", "Chimera"+"Worm"+"Searcher", "Golem"+"Worm", and "Breaker"+"Mind Reader". It is not that useful, since it has no effects, but you can use it as a bridge for the Atomic Scrap Dragon. Also, having one in your Extra Deck improves the reliability of "Chimera" as it enables the Synchro-combo with "Goblin" (which you otherwise can only use to buy time). This is one of the two Synchro Scrap Monsters not to require Scrap monsters as material, and can be placed in any deck. More importantly, it is also the strongest legally-playable Level 7 Synchro Monster in the game to not have any summoning material conditions. As a non-effect Synchro monster, it is also viable fusion material for Gaia Drake, the Universal Force as well as being able to be summoned by Daigusto Emeral.
  • "Scrap Dragon": This is a Level 8 Dragon Synchro Monster. It is one of the four "Scrap" trump cards. First, once per turn, you can destroy one card on each side of the field. This is good for activating the effects of your "Scrap" Tuner Monsters. It also works in a pinch to set a Spell/Trap, then activate this card's effect, trading that Spell/Trap for one of your opponent's cards. The second effect is what makes this card truly devastating - when your opponent destroys it and sends it to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon any non-Synchro "Scrap" monster from your Graveyard. You can Special Summon "Scrap Goblin" to protect your Life Points, and when it's destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase by its effect, you can retrieve "Scrap Chimera" to your hand, allowing another Synchro Summon of "Scrap Dragon"! Or you can use it to Special Summon "Scrap Golem", and then Special Summon a "Scrap Goblin" on your turn to re-Synchro Summon it. The easiest ways to Synchro Summon this card are "Golem"+"Goblin", "Chimera"+"Beast", and "Chimera"+"Orthros". This is the second Synchro Scrap Monster with no Scrap material requirements, which, along with its high attack and oft-beneficial effect, makes it one of the more splashable Synchro Monsters in the game.
  • "Scrap Twin Dragon": This is a Level 9 Dragon Synchro Monster. It has bigger stats than its counterpart, and is the second trump card for the archetype. It has the same revival effect as "Scrap Dragon", which allows you to loop whenever it is destroyed. In place of the double-destruction effect of "Scrap Dragon", this card destroys one of your cards and bounces two of your opponent's! This card's effect works very well against monsters, but doesn't work as well against Spells and Traps. The easiest ways to Synchro Summon this card are "Golem"+"Beast" and "Chimera"+"Soldier". This card's Synchro Summoning restriction is that the Tuner has to be a "Scrap" monster.
  • "Atomic Scrap Dragon": This is a Level 10 Dragon Synchro Monster. It has the highest stats of all of the Scrap Synchros. It has the same revival effect as the other Dragons. This card destroys one of your cards, and returns to the Deck up to 3 cards in your opponent's Graveyard. This works well against cards like "Necro Gardna", "Quillbolt Hedgehog", "Plaguespreader Zombie" and other cards whose effects activate in the Graveyard. This can be particularly powerful against Lightsworns, as they rely on having Lightsworns in the Graveyard to summon "Judgment Dragon". The easiest ways to summon it are "Golem"+""Beast"+"Searcher" or "Chimera"+"Soldier"+"Searcher". Like Scrap Twin Dragon, it also requires a "Scrap" tuner. (As with most other level 10 Synchro Monsters, it has a 2 non-tuner minimum requirement.)

Spells and Traps

  • "Scrapstorm": Send any Scrap monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, draw a card, and then select and destroy one Scrap monster you control. This card is a Quick-Play, so you can make many combos with it. For instance, you can chain it from your hand to your opponent's destruction effect, and while they lose their card you set up a combo and draw a card. This is especially useful with "Scrap" Tuner Monsters - for instance, you can Set it and "Scrap Goblin", and when it would self-destruct, you can chain this card to get a card into your Graveyard and draw 1 card, and the Scrap monster you discarded can then be retrieved to the hand by Scrap Goblin's effect. This card also sets up combos with "Scrap Searcher", and in general is a fantastic card.
  • "Scrapyard": This adds any "Scrap" Tuner Monster from your Deck to your hand. "Scrap Goblin" is the obvious choice, allowing Life-Point protection and retrieval, but it can search "Mind Reader", "Worm", "Beast", "Orthros", or "Soldier" if needed.
  • "Scrap Sheen": By destroying one of your "Scrap" monsters, all of your Scraps on-field gain 1000 ATK for the turn. It also activates the effects of "Scrap" Tuners, and can work well with "Scrap Golem" or "Scrap Chimera" - Summon something with their effects, destroy it with "Sheen", retrieve a card from your Graveyard, and have a beatstick for the turn. This card is also chainable, but will cause a replay if used during your opponent's attack.
  • "Scrap Lube": You can Summon any "Scrap" monster from your Graveyard with this card. That monster's effect(s) is negated, that monster is destroyed when "Scrap Lube" leaves the field, and you cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. Though the effect negation can hurt, the effects of many Scrap Synchro monsters trigger once they're in the Graveyard, and thus will not be negated. Additionally because Scrap Lube is a Scrap card, if the opponent destroys Scrap Lube once it has revived a Scrap Tuner, that Tuner will be treated as being destroyed by a Scrap card and its retrieval effect will trigger.
  • "Guts of Steel": This card lets you select 3 "Scraps" in your grave. Your opponent selects one to be Special Summoned to either side of the field (your choice), then the other selected Monsters are removed from play. This card's drawback is lower than "Scrap Lube's", but meeting the requirements is harder. You can also use it with cards like "D.D.R.", "Unicorn Beacon", and "Imperial Iron Wall".
  • "Scrap Rage": If your Defense Position Scrap is attacked, you can use this card during damage calculation. That monster gains 2000 DEF, but is destroyed at the end of the Battle Phase. This activates the effects of "Scrap" Tuners, and can be a nasty surprise to your opponent.
  • "Scrap Crash" You can only use this when your "Scrap" monster is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. It wipes the field of face-up Spells and Traps. This is a great Side Deck card against many Decks, such as Blackwings, for instance, or Gadget Oppression. It's better off not Main-Decked, although it can take out many cards on which your opponent's strategies rely. "Necrovalley", "Swords of Revealing Light", and others all fall prey to this.


This Deck uses a combination of the Quillbolt Loop and the Scraps' affinity for recycling and Graveyard shenanigans. The key cards are "Quillbolt Hedgehog", "Imperial Iron Wall" and good Scraps. Milling is necessary for Graveyard consistency, so cards like "Voltic Bicorn" and "Morphing Jar" are great for this Deck. "Pot of Avarice" is a no-brainer to get back cards you want in your Deck rather than your Graveyard.


Magical Scrap Town

This Deck uses "Scrap Dragon's" effect to Special Summon "Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon" through the effect of "Geartown". Once "Scrap Dragon" is summoned the player can use its effect to destroy his/her "Geartown" and another card on their opponent's side of the field. The Deck also makes use of "Magical Hats", which can save the player from certain defeat. By activating it, the player can select two Spell Cards and treat them as monsters for the opponent's Battle Phase (typically "Geartown"). After the Battle Phase, the two Spell Cards are destroyed, activating their effects and leaving the player with two "Gadjiltron Dragons" before his/her Standby Phase. Eventually "Magical Hats" will become a dead draw which is why it is wise not to go over two in this Deck.


Scrap Town

Scrap Town uses the effects of "Scrap" Synchro Monsters to destroy "Geartown" and Special Summon "Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon" or any other Ancient Gears. This Deck differs from its Magical counterpart in that "Geartown" is recycled and used repeatedly. The play style is straightforward: Summon a "Scrap" Synchro Monster and blow "Geartown" up for an Ancient Gear, repeat, and attack. You'll also need cards to add "Geartown" to your hand to make your victory faster.


Scrap Meklord

This Deck focuses on using the "Scrap" Card effects that destroy monsters on your side of the field in order to Special Summon a Meklord Emperor for an OTK.


Other cards

  • "Level Eater": Besides adjusting Levels for Synchro Summons, "Level Eater" can also feed "Scrap Dragon" and "Scrap Twin Dragon", letting you use their effects for free. While "Scraps" like their own monsters destroyed, having a perpetual fuel source that doesn't use up Normal Summons is better. It's useful in combination with "One for One", which also can Special Summon "Scrap Searcher" and "Scrap Mind Reader".
  • "Card Trooper": Mills cards to the Graveyard, providing fodder for the Scrap cards to recycle them, and provides a draw when destroyed.
  • "Naturia Beast": Easy to summon since all Scrap monsters are EARTH attribute. "Scrap Beast" and "Scrap Searcher" satisfy its requirements, and it not only provides valuable protection from an opponent's Spells but mills the deck to get more Scrap cards in the Graveyard. "Naturia Barkion" is useful for blocking cards like "Bottomless Trap Hole", but is a bit harder to summon due to being Level 6, and the player's banishing of their Graveyard cards can hurt a Scrap deck.
  • "Royal Decree": "Scrap" Decks tend not to run very many Trap Cards, usually choosing to go with only the bare essential staples. This card can help shut down your opponent's Trap Cards, giving you an advantage over bad match-ups like "Blackwing" and "Gladiator Beast" deck while not harming your own cards in the process. If your own "Decree" becomes a burden you can always just destroy it with "Scrap Dragon".
  • "Mind Control": You can take control of one of your opponent's monsters with this. This gets around many situations where "Stardust Dragon" and an attack-negating/destroying card would give this Deck problems. It also can be used for Synchro Summons.
  • "Manticore of Darkness": All of the core "Scrap" monsters ("Chimera", "Beast", "Orthros" and "Goblin") are either Beast or Beast-Warrior, and "Scrap Searcher" is a Winged-Beast. This means that quite often a "Scrap" Deck can aptly support the effect of "Manticore of Darkness", utilizing it as an excellent bridge for a Synchro Summon with "Scrap Goblin" or "Scrap Worm" - you get both the Scrap Synchro and get to keep "Manticore of Darkness" in the same turn. Also, if you use "Foolish Burial", you can get this card out onto the field ridiculously fast, as early as turn 1.
  • "Call of the Haunted": Provides revival for higher Level "Scrap" monsters and remains on the field if the player uses the revived monster for a Synchro Summon or Xyz Summon, providing free fodder for "Scrap Dragon" or "Scrap Twin Dragon". If the player is using "Card Trooper" or "Dandylion", they can chain "Call of the Haunted" when the opponent uses a card effect to destroy it - "Dandylion" and "Card Trooper" will be Special Summoned before its destruction resolves, thus when "Call of the Haunted" is destroyed they will also be destroyed and their effects will trigger.
  • "Fiend Comedian": Makes you toss a coin and call it. If you call it right, every card in your opponent's Graveyard is banished. If you call it wrong, you have to discard a number of cards from your Deck equal to the number of cards in their Graveyard, so in a "Scrap" Deck, you get a good outcome either way. You either obliterate your opponent's Graveyard, or stock your own with "Scrap" monsters. The only downside would be the Spell/Traps that might be sent in the process.
  • "Emergency Assistance": An excellent Revival card for this deck and it is at 3. The condition of having a monster destroyed in a "Scrap" Deck is almost constant. "Scrap Orthros" is an excellent target for this card.
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