"Sasuke Samurai" is a series of Warrior Effect Monsters. All of its members are WIND monsters, except for the LIGHT "Sasuke Samurai 3". They are based on the character Sasuke from Konami's Ganbare Goemon series, the same as several other "Ninja" monsters ("Goe Goe the Gallant Ninja", "Lady Ninja Yae", "Masked Ninja Ebisu" and "Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke", who is in fact based on the same character as this series).

Playing style

The series does not have a particular playing style. "Sasuke Samurai" and "Sasuke Samurai 4" both focus on destroying the opponent's monsters. "Sasuke Samurai 2" focuses on stopping the opponent's Spell and Trap Cards from activating, which is somewhat field control. The effect of "Sasuke Samurai 3" forces the opponent to draw cards whenever it inflicts battle damage, causing some Deck destruction.

Recommended cards