Sad Story

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Sad Story
Sad Story
"Atrocious Day", "Unwavering Truth" and "Sorrowful Memories"

  • サッド・ストーリー
  • Saddo Sutori (romanized)

Anime appearances

Sad Story is a small series that Misty Tredwell used with her "Reptiliannes" in her second Duel with Akiza Izinski. The Sad Story cards' names could be described as dramatic "events". They cause a lock on both players' regular draw, returning a particular type of card drawn during the Draw Phase (either Monster,Spell or Trap). Aside from that Misty uses them to tell her story and at the same time make things hard for Akiza. The series' ace monster is "Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings" which lets you gain hand advantage and bypass the Sad Story Spell Cards' drawback.

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