"Sacrifice this to Summon!!" (これをにえ召喚しょうかん!!, Kore o Ikenie ni Shōkan!!) is a Duel Puzzle in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 5 Expert 1.


The player has 1000 Life Points. Their hand contains "Slot Machine", "Swordstalker", "Protector of the Throne", "Key Mace", "Key Mace" and "Skull Servant" and their field contains "Turtle Tiger", "Fiend Reflection #1" and "Golgoil".

The opponent has 3100 Life Points and "Arma Knight" in Attack Position.

The player is given the hint "If you beat Level 4, this should be easy. You should know how many Tributes are required for each Level."


  1. Tribute "Golgoil" to Summon "Swordstalker".
  2. Enter the Battle Phase.
  3. Attack "Arma Knight" with "Fiend Reflection #1".
  4. Attack directly with "Swordstalker".
  5. Attack directly with "Turtle Tiger".

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