Sacred Sword of Seven Stars

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Sacred Sword of Seven Stars
English Sacred Sword of Seven Stars
Chinese 七星寶刀
French Épée Sacrée des Sept Étoiles
German Gesegnetes Schwert der Sieben Sterne
Italian Spada Sacra delle Sette Stelle
Korean 칠성의 보도
Portuguese Espada Sagrada das Sete Estrelas
Spanish Espada Sagrada de las Siete Estrellas
Japanese (kana) しちせいのほうとう
Japanese (base) 七星の宝刀
Japanese (rōmaji) Shichisei no Hōtō
Japanese (translated) Treasured Sword of Seven Stars
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Normal Normal.svg
Passcode 45725480
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