Constellar Meteor

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Constellar Meteor
English Constellar Meteor
Chinese (中文) 星之骑士的流星
German (Deutsch) Sternzeichen-Meteor
Italian (Italiano) Meteora di Costellazioni
Portuguese (Português) Meteoro Conestelar
Japanese (kana) (日本語) セイクリッドのりゅうせい
Japanese (base) (日本語) セイクリッドの流星
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Seikuriddo no Ryūsei
Japanese (translated) (日本語) Sacred Meteor
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Card Number 63545861
Card effect types Effect
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TCG/OCG statuses
OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited
Facts about Constellar MeteorRDF feed
ActionsReturns from your opponent's field to your opponent's Deck +
Anti-supportNo Entry +
Archetype supportConstellar +
ArchseriesConstellar +
Archseries relatedNo Entry +
AttackNo Entry +
AttributeTrap +
Attribute TextTrap +
Card ImageConstellarMeteor-HA07-EN-SR-1E +
Card Image TextConstellarMeteor-HA07-EN-SR-1E.png +
Card Number63545861 +
Card typeTrap Card + and Normal Trap Card +
Card type TextTrap Card + and Normal Trap Card +
Chinese lore此卡发动的回合中,与名字中带有【星之骑士】的怪兽进行战斗但是没有被破坏的怪兽,在伤害计算结束后返回所有者的卡组中。
Chinese name星之骑士的流星 +
Class 1Official +
CountersNo Entry +
Croatian nameZvježđani Meteor +
Effect typeCard effect +
Effect type TextCard effect +
Effect typesEffect
English database ID10,011 +
English nameConstellar Meteor +
English name (linked)Constellar Meteor +
French database ID10,011 +
Fusion Material forNo Entry +
German database ID10,011 +
German nameSternzeichen-Meteor +
Italian database ID10,011 +
Italian loreDurante il turno in cui questa carta viene attivata, se un mostro dell'avversario combatte con un mostro "Costellazione" e il mostro dell'avversario non viene distrutto, mischialo nel Deck alla fine del Damage Step.
Italian nameMeteora di Costellazioni +
Japanese database ID10,011 +
Japanese kana nameセイクリッドのりゅうせい +
Japanese loreこのカードを発動したターン、「セイクリッド」と名のついたモンスターとの戦闘で破壊されなかった相手モンスターは、ダメージステップ終了時に持ち主のデッキに戻る。
Japanese nameセイクリッドの流星 +
Life PointsNo Entry +
LoreDuring the turn this card is activated, if an opponent's monster battles a "Constellar" monster, and the opponent's monster is not destroyed, shuffle it into the Deck at the end of the Damage Step.
MediumTCG + and OCG +
MiscFemale +
MonsterSpellTrapNo Entry +
Monster typeNo Entry +
Monster type TextNo Entry +
OCG StatusUnlimited +
Page nameConstellar Meteor +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameSeikuriddo no Ryūsei +
Portuguese nameMeteoro Conestelar +
RFPNo Entry +
Romaji nameSeikuriddo no Ryūsei +
Ruby Japanese nameセイクリッドの(りゅう)(せい)
Ruby textセイクリッドの(りゅう)(せい)
S/T ClassNormal Trap Card +
Set information--- HA07-EN069 --- Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars --- Super Rare --- English (EN) --- + and --- DT07-EN099 --- Duel Terminal 7b --- Duel Terminal Normal Parallel Rare --- English (EN) --- +
Spanish database ID10,011 +
StatsNo Entry +
SummoningNo Entry +
SupportNo Entry +
Synchro Material forNo Entry +
TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
Translated nameSacred Meteor +
TypesNormal +

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