Bandit King Bakura faced Pharaoh Atem and the Sacred Guardians in a ka battle at the pharaoh's palace, after raiding the tomb of Atem's father, Pharaoh Aknamkanon. The involved guardians were Seto, Aknadin, Isis, Karim, Mahad and Shada.

Bakura hoped to kill the pharaoh and guardians and take their Millennium Items for himself. The priests underestimated the caliber of ka Bakura would have and had difficulty fighting his Diabound. However Atem revealed himself to be the one capable of controlling the three gods and summoned Obelisk, forcing Bakura to retreat.


Ka used

User Ka
Bakura Diabound
Winged Sage Falcos
Seto Galestgoras
Battle Ox Rabid Horseman
Mystic Horseman
Aknadin Gadius
Karim Bastet
Mahad Illusion Magician
Atem Obelisk the Tormentor


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