Karakuri Showdown Castle

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Karakuri Showdown Castle
English Karakuri Showdown Castle
French Château de Confrontation Karakuri
German Schloss der Karakuri-Machtprobe
Italian Castello dello Scontro Finale Karakuri
Korean 풍운의 자동기계성
Portuguese Castelo Karakuri de Elementos
Spanish Castillo del Enfrentamiento de los Karakuris
Japanese (kana) ふううんカラクリじょう
Japanese (base) 風雲カラクリ城
Japanese (rōmaji) Fūun Karakuri Jō
Japanese (translated) Storming Karakuri Castle
Card type Spell SPELL.svg
Property Field Field.svg
Passcode 22751868
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