Ryuichi Fuwa

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Ryuichi Fuwa
Ryuichi Fuha
English name
  • Ryuichi Fuwa
  • Male


Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Toei) episode 12: "A Lucky Foe Calls Out - The Invincible Legend"

Appears in
Japanese voice
  • Ryo Horikawa
Fuwa, Ryuichi

Ryuichi Fuwa (不破龍一, Fuwa Ryūichi) is the second Game Master, and has good luck with a television game show. Ryuchi pushes around Yugi Muto and his friends until Dark Yugi challenges him to a Shadow Game involving a game show. After losing, Ryuichi no longer has good luck on the TV game show and loses his champion title. Later, during the final Death-T episode, Aileen Rao and Ryuichi are paired against Miho and Jonouchi. Jonouchi and Aileen have the battle suits while Miho and Ryuichi are at the controls. Jonouchi and Miho defeat Aileen and Ryuichi.