Royal Temple
  • Japanese: 王家の神殿
  • Romaji: Ōke no Shinden
  • Translated: Temple of the Royal Family
Card type




As long as "Royal Temple" is on the field, rather than the normal limit of only being able to Set 1 Spell or Trap Card per turn, 2 Trap Cards can be played by this card's owner.[note 1]

Viz Media lore?: As long as "Royal Temple" is on the field, the card's owner may play two Trap Cards per turn. (The normal limit is one per turn.)

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Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 王家の神殿 通常ターンでは魔法・罠カードを1枚ずつしかセットできないが「王家の神殿」が場に出ている限り その持ち主は罠カードを2枚場に出せる



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  1. "Royal Temple" has another effect not mentioned in the lore. The controller can seal one monster from their hand face-down in the temple's ark. They can Special Summon that monster by Tributing "Mystical Beast Selket" and paying half their Life Points.

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