Roulette Spider
  • Japanese: ルーレット・スパイダー
  • Romaji: Rūretto Supaidā
Card type


Places the monster with the highest ATK in the center of the field and spins it around. When Roulette Spider's arrow stops, the monster attacks whatever the arrow is pointing at.

Viz Media lore?: Select the monster on the field with the highest ATK. Spin the wheel. The player who it points to takes damage equal to the selected monster's ATK.

Manga cards (Galleries: Yu-Gi-Oh! · R)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese ルーレット・スパイダー フィールド上で最も攻撃力の高いモンスターを中心に置き回転させる。ルーレット・スパイダーの矢印の指す対象に攻撃する



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While it is not mentioned in the Japanese lore, you must pay half your Life Points to activate this card.

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