Robotic Knight is a character version of the card "Robotic Knight".

He appears as an opponent in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, at Stage 12-4 under Quest mode.


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Sergeant of Steel


  • Each opponent of Stage 12 is based on a member of the Big Five. This character is based on Nezbitt, who previously oversaw KaibaCorp's military operations and used this character's card counterpart as his Deck Master.
    • As such, "Acrobat Monkey" in this character's Deck is likely a reference to Tristan Taylor, who Dueled against Nezbitt in the anime and lost, before being forced to assume the body of a robotic monkey very similar in appearance to "Acrobat Monkey".
  • "Sergeant Electro" is likely included in this character's Deck as a reference to "Robotic Knight" as a card, since both are FIRE Machine-Type monsters. Not only that, but the Japanese name of "Robotic Knight" translates to "Machine Sergeant" in English.