"Robo", known as "Raremetal" (レアメタル Reametaru) in the OCG, is a series consisting of four monsters; two Normal and two Fusion. They were first released in Legacy of Darkness. Tristan Taylor uses these monsters during the Virtual World arc.

When this series was released, it had the most versatile Fusion Monsters available, as combining "Roboyarou" and "Robolady" could give the players a choice of either "Super Roboyarou" or "Super Robolady", respectively, opening up an easier method of Fusion Summoning.

Playing style

The true strength of this series comes from its Fusion Monsters; once either of them is on the field, the player can continuously swap between the two of them by sending them back to the Extra Deck every turn. In addition, "Super Roboyarou" gains 1000 ATK during the Damage Step if it does battle with a monster, while "Super Robolady" gains 1000 ATK during the Damage Step if it manages to make to inflict direct damage. This allows you to keep the one on the field that you need at almost any point in time. The fact that they keep the ATK gain from each time means that even a single boost is enough to propel them ahead.


Because both Fusion Monsters start out with 1200 ATK and 500 DEF, they are weak as far as Fusion Monsters go, hindering their playability.

Recommended cards



  • Limiter Removal/Cybernetic Zone - You can use these card with either of the fusion monsters if they have not been special summoned this turn. Then, after you've done some damage, return them to the fusion deck to use the other card, avoiding getting your monster destroyed. You'll need something extra to avoid Cybernetic Zone destruction effect, like Solomon's Lawbook.
  • Heart of Clear Water - A great equip spell card for the entire family, as even the fusion monsters start out with only 1200 ATK each, this card helps to ensure their survival until they can increase their strength.
  • Fusion Gate - A field spell that lets players use the Robo fusion monsters quickly and efficiently.
  • Fusion Sage
  • Fusion Recovery
  • Messenger of Peace - Helps keep the low-ATK Robo monsters alive and, if you get Super Roboyarou and Super Robolady to 2200 ATK, you can always get rid of Messenger of peace.
  • Super Polymerization
  • De-Fusion


  • Paradox Fusion - Adds a bit of negation to the deck and helps to ensure the survival of your fusion monsters.