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Gishiki Mahō Kādo

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Ritual Magic Card


Ritual Spell Card
Formerly: Ritual Magic Card


Ritual Spell Cards, known as Ritual Magic Cards (Japanese: しきほうカード Gishiki Mahō Kādo) in the TCG prior to Magician's Force and the OCG, are a type of Spell Card used to Ritual Summon Ritual Monsters.

Ritual Spell Cards typically require the following conditions to be met in order to be activated:

  • A free Spell & Trap Zone to activate the Ritual Spell Card in, if the Ritual Spell Card is not already Set.
  • The corresponding Ritual Monster in your hand.
    • A few exceptions also let the corresponding Ritual Monster be in your GY.
  • Monsters in your hand and/or on your side of the field whose total Levels are at least the Level of the Ritual Monster. (Some Ritual Spell Cards require the total Levels to be exactly equal to the Level of the Ritual Monster.)
  • A free Monster Zone into which to Summon the Ritual Monster, or at least one monster on the field that you are planning to Tribute for the Ritual Summon.

Playing style

Ritual Spell Cards tend to be demanding to use, due to their highly specific activation requirements and heavy cost, and for that reason they are arguably the least used type of Spell Cards.

"Advanced Ritual Art" is often used over other Ritual Spell Cards due to its ability to use monsters from the Main Deck instead of the field/hand.

Some Ritual Spell Cards, such as those for "Divine Grace - Northwemko" and "Garlandolf, King of Destruction", "Ritual of Grace" and "Ritual of Destruction" respectively, have secondary effects that can be activated by banishing the Ritual Spell Card from the Graveyard.

The "Gishki" archetype supports Ritual Monsters and Ritual Spell Cards in general, with a focus on its own "Evigishki" Ritual Monsters. In addition, the "Djinn of Rituals" series of monsters supports Ritual Spell Cards by being able to banish themselves from the Graveyard in place of or in addition to the monsters required by the Ritual Spell Card.