The Nurse puppet

Count Ridley Sheldon, from London in the United Kingdom, is Kaiba's first game master in the First series anime. Count Sheldon has a collection of dolls that he admires and obsesses over a great deal. The count is often seen carrying his favorite doll, Fiona (フィオナ), a blonde bisque doll dressed up in a Victorian Outfit (Dark Yugi finds this doll very creepy). Count Sheldon disguises one of his dolls as the school nurse. Through this doll, Sheldon defeats Yugi in a Duel Monsters game, taking his "Neon Knight" as a reward. Later, Seto kidnaps Yugi, while he is in the arcade looking for a new game called "KIS", so Yugi could face Count Sheldon again. During the Duel, Dark Yugi's monsters had difficulty destroying Sheldon's monsters, even when they had an advantage. Yugi was able to deduce that their presence in Sheldon's "doll house" was giving all of his monsters doll bodies that were harder to destroy: dubbing the effect "doll field." Yugi is able to defeat Sheldon by using his "Death Wolf's" howl attack to destroy the dolls indirectly. Despite defeating Sheldon, Yugi never directly places a Penalty Game on him. However, after the duel, the Count is seen wandering aimlessly about in the rain outside of his manor, clutching Fiona, whose face has been cracked.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yugi Muto 8 Win (as Nurse Puppet)
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi 8 Lose
Nurse Puppet's Deck


  1. This card was taken from Yugi in episode 8. It was taken back by Yugi later.

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