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Rex Raptor
English name
  • Rex Raptor
Japanese translated
  • Dinosaur Ryuzaki
  • Male

White Roses

The Duelists
of the Roses
Deck Leader

Two-Headed King Rex

Deck Cost


Video game debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses

Appears in
PlayStation 2
Raptor, Rex

One of the first opponents the player encounters when playing for the Lancastrians (Red Roses), Rex Raptor plays a medieval version of himself in The Duelists of the Roses.


Like his manga/anime counterpart, he wields a Dinosaur deck with the Deck leader being his signature "Two-Headed King Rex". But he also has a Reptile-Type monsters in his Deck, "Grappler". Most of his monsters gain bonus from the Wasteland, so he has magic cards that destroy other type of monsters which also gain power from the Wasteland. The destroying cards he uses are "Breath of Light", "Acid Rain" and "Eternal Rest". His monster with the highest ATK is "Bracchio-raidus".

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